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Synonyms for catlike

so slow, deliberate, and secret as to escape observation

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With lowered head and catlike purr, it came slinking to the girl's feet.
As if it had been poised upon steel springs, suddenly released, it rose quickly and silently to the top of the palisade, disappearing, stealthily and catlike, into the dark space between the wall and the back of an adjacent hut.
His body turned a half-somersault in the air, and he would have landed on his back had he not twisted, catlike, still in the air, in the effort to bring his feet to the earth.
She arose with catlike ease and suddenness to her full height, her eyes flashing, her nostrils quivering like a deer's.
HE was a young man, not more than twenty-four or five, and he might have sat his horse with the careless grace of his youth had he not been so catlike and tense.
He saw the rough caress of the huge paw as it stroked the sleek shoulder of the she, and then Tarzan of the Apes slipped catlike to the ground and approached the two.
About his body there was a peculiar springiness, or resiliency, almost catlike, and a quick alertness as of one who lived in perpetual fear of things seen and unseen.
The moment her forearm brushed her nose, I could see only her catlike eyes, slanted toward the bridge of her nose.
See if you can spot any suspicious catlike activity this summer, our cats are easy to see with their special show shirts
Engelman, an evolutionary biology major from Russell Township, Ohio, said the animal would have been about the size of a marten, a catlike weasel found in the Northeastern United States and Canada, and probably filled the same ecological niche.
His catlike, olive eyes look clearer with the herb.
THIS catlike sketch by the late TV presenter Paula Yates has been sold for PS150 for the RSPCA.
Fan-favourite multiplayer mode Spies v Mercs also makes a welcome return, pitting two small teams of speedy, catlike spies against slower, well-armed mercenaries.
Now crouching as low to the ground as possible on the sneak, Izzy and I became catlike.
Rubi is lithe, lean, catlike and has a super flexibility most men don't.