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Synonyms for dye

Synonyms for dye

something that imparts color

to impart color to

to immerse in a coloring solution


Synonyms for dye

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Based on the proprieties of SA and MC, the prepared MC/CABs might have a high capacity for adsorption of cationic dyes from wastewater.
Figure 2 shows a typical result for a six-cationic-dye mixture using the cationic dye capillary electrophoresis method.
Panneerselvam, Removal of Cationic Dye by Magnetic Nanoparticle (Fe3O4) Impregnated onto Activated Maize Cob Powder and Kinetic Study of Dye Waste Adsorption, APCBEE Procedia.
By using this concept, we have also studied the separation of cationic dye from a mixed dye solution.
Such result was somewhat expected due to the strong affinity between perchlorate ions and nitrogen atoms present in the molecules of the cationic dyes (SPRINGBORG et al.
All cationic dye component analyses were performed at 30[degrees]C on a Beckman P/ACE MDQ capillary electrophoresis system.
Sata, A Novel Agricultural Waste for the Removal of Cationic Dye from Aqueous Solutions, J.
Enzymatic grafting of carboxil groups on to chitosan to confer on chitosan the property of a cationic dye adsorbent.
As the CAS surface is negatively charged at high pH, a significantly strong electrostatic attraction appears between the negatively charged carbon surface and cationic dye molecule leading to maximum adsorption of MG [20] from waste water.
Cationic dye, Union Green B, (Janus Green B, UGB) used in sorption studies, was purchased From Fluka.
Thus the surfactant molecules interacted with the polymer by replacing the cationic dye.
Velickovic, Removal of Model Cationic Dye by Adsorption onto poly(methacrylic acid)/Zeolite Hydrogel Composites: Kinetics, Equilibrium Study and Image Analysis, Sep.
Tenders are invited for Cationic dyes produced by the company "Setas Kimya Sanayi AS", Turkey, for industrial tests