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a process in which ions are exchanged between a solution and an insoluble (usually resinous) solid

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Effective cation exchange capacity (CECe) was calculated as the sum of the charge equivalents of the exchangeable acidic and nonacidic cations.
The soil had the following chemical properties: cation exchange capacity (CEC) 14.
Cation exchange capacity of soil free of organic matter can arise from either pH-dependent charge or isomorphous substitution (Gillman and Bell 1976).
Cation exchange capacity of non-clayed and clayed soils in paddock and trial plots (in 1 M N[H.
It contains 98-99% montmorillonite and has a cation exchange capacity of 1.
They (i) test basic laws of water and solute flow and chemical reaction during non-steady, unsaturated soil water flow and thence the validity of the models they support; (ii) permit estimation of cation exchange isotherms in a realistic environment of competing cations; (iii) measure retardation of the cation reaction fronts relative to the water and, hence, provide complementary integral estimates of the effects of exchange in response to the exchange isotherms; and (iv) extend Bond's approach using homo-ionic soils to chemically 'natural' soils intended for effluent irrigation.
Lieffering R, McLay C (1996) Effects of high pH solutions with large monovalent cation concentrations on cation exchange properties.
The organic carbon, soil water constants and soil texture, oven-dry bulk density, cation exchange capacity (CEC), and calcium carbonate of 0.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Strong acid Cation and strong base anion exchange resins as per specification attached in annexure a) Strong acid Cation exchange resin, b) Strong base Anion exchange resin.
Rengasamy P, Churchman GJ (1999) Cation exchange capacity, exchangeable cations and sodicity.
Therefore, it can provide an indirect indicator of important soil properties such as soil salinity, pH, clay content, cation exchange capacity, exchangeable cations, clay mineralogy, moisture content, and temperature (Kachanowski et al.
90 m) soil of the winery site before the leaching experiment (data are means of three replicates) EC, Electrical conductivity; CEC, cation exchange capacity Depth pH EC Sand Silt Clay OC (m) (dS/m) (%) (g/kg) 0-0.
Cation exchange capacity (CEC) measurement in alkaline soils is complicated by the need to remove soluble cations and the requirement to buffer extraction solution at a pH to prevent soluble carbonates from dissolving (Tucker 1971, 1974; Ross 1995).
Tenders are invited for Supply of Strong acid cation exchange resin in sodium form (rna+)
2+] were measured using atomic absorption spectroscopy, and the cation exchange capacity (CEC), based on N[H.