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cause to adopt Catholicism

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The Catholicization of Rome's empire and the whole Catholic message are anticipated early in the poem.
Even after the town was taken over by Hapsburg Catholicization in the seventeenth century, Brown demonstrates that Lutheran identity not only resisted the new establishment but even survived for another generation primarily through the influence of hymn singing in the home.
A very specific group of Jewish and Moorish conversos followed the example of Catholicization set by the Arias Davila.
In Polish Philosophy: Zadruga, Antoni Wacyk, a leading Polish spokesman for the Slavonic roots of Polish culture and national identity, decries the self-destructive Catholicization of Polish society and state.
Prosperi's study of the Roman Inquisition aims to balance consideration of the uses of force and persuasion, but the emphasis is on a Catholicization of Italy achieved by repression (1996, xiii, xv).
The ideas upon which this program has been based were originally conceived by the American medical establishment, and almost immediately co-opted by the American NCEA, with little but cosmetic Catholicization of its format and content.
The Catholicization or protestantization of the Orthodox is a contradiction in terms, and has never succeeded, except by use of violence.