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of or at or pertaining to a cathode


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29 /PRNewswire/ -- FreeWave Technologies, the largest independent provider of high performance spread spectrum and licensed radio products and services, today announced its new DataLogger software for Cathodic Protection (CP) remote monitoring.
The work includes: inspection, testing and evaluation of cathodic protection test stations and rectifier units at various locations in the Authority%s water system throughout the Boston Metropolitan and Metrowest areas, for 730 calendar days.
This allows a direct readout of cathodic protection levels on critical components in the tree without needing an ROV-interfaced probe.
com/), the largest independent provider of high performance spread spectrum and licensed radio products and services, today announced the newest addition to its family of Cathodic Protection (CP) radios for automated pipeline integrity monitoring.
specialized in design and construction of cathodic protection and corrosion control/prevention in the North American energy markets.
WHAT: Radio-based Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring Energy and pipeline companies wrestle to control operating costs largely affected by new government regulations, aging buried metal assets, rising steel prices, expanding pipeline operations, new interference points, HCA encroachment, restrictive land use policies, heightened network security, and an aging, soon-to-retire work force.
For example, vacuum excavators speed the process of installing cathodic protection systems to prevent corrosion of underground steel pipe-lines and other underground structures made of metal.
3 million (US) from TransCanada Corporation (TransCanada) as part of its three-year term contract for cathodic protection.
Tenders are invited for Monitoring, Maintenance, non-routine and routine Inspection of Cathodic Protection System
Ergil Cathodic Protection[TM], an Ergil Group brand, is one of the most experienced companies in cathodic protection design, engineering, manufacturing and installation.
Paladino will discuss radio-based, remote monitoring cathodic protection
In most cases, the cost of fighting water pipeline corrosion with cathodic protection annually per mile is approximately one-tenth the cost of replacement.
The project will replace an under-performing cathodic protection system and includes the demolition of the existing cathodic protection system as well as structural steel and concrete repairs.
Building on each other s technological strengths and know-how, the companies are joining forces to develop a new cathodic solution for this purpose.
The 1992 version of the NACE RP0169 cathodic protection standard (CP) for pipelines (1) introduced two criteria involving a minimum potential of-850mV with respect to a saturated copper-copper sulfate reference electrode (cse).