cathode ray

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a beam of electrons emitted by the cathode of an electrical discharge tube

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According to the proposal, exporters of cathode ray tubes who are sending the items for recycling must notify the EPA of the intended shipment at least 60 days before the shipment occurs.
Cathode ray tubes, or CRTs, are made of heavy leaded glass, which is used to block harmful X-rays produced by the tube's cathode ray guns.
Apr 1982 - Princess of Wales opens new purpose-built cathode ray tube production facility in Bridgend.
State officials estimate some 6 million televisions and monitors containing cathode ray tubes are stored in people's garages and closets.
The Whirlwind computer at MIT had a cathode ray tube, a light pen, and an alphanumeric keyboard in the late 1940s.
Laptop computers contain much less lead than cathode ray tubes do.
In July 2001, Hitachi announced that it would withdraw from business of cathode ray tubes for PC monitors.
Work on cathode rays by Goldstein (see 1876) and by Crookes (see 1861) had come to interest a number of physicists in the subject.
United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Steve Johnson has signed a rule that is designed to facilitate the recycling of devices that contain cathode ray tubes (CRTs).
It will use the UK's first laser separation technology to recycle glass from cathode ray tubes.
The fact has been that without a monitor or TV set deep enough to accommodate a cathode ray tube, engineers have been unable to produce a large, sharp image that is viewable from any angle.
In 1892 one of Hertz's assistants, the German physicist Philipp Eduard Anton Lenard (1862-1947), devised a cathode ray tube with a thin aluminum "window" through which cathode rays could emerge into open air.
Electronic Recyclers has the largest electronic recycling facility in the state that demanufactures, recycles and crushes the cathode ray tubes found in computer monitors, televisions and other types of video equipment.
The ERA facility de-manufactures, recycles and crushes cathode ray tubes found in computer monitors, televisions and other video equipment.