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Class action settlements have been reached involving Cathode Ray Tubes ("CRTs"), a display device that was sold by itself or as the main component in TVs and computer monitors from 1995 to 2007.
Cathode ray tubes, or CRTs, are made of heavy leaded glass, which is used to block harmful X-rays produced by the tube's cathode ray guns.
Apr 1982 - Princess of Wales opens new purpose-built cathode ray tube production facility in Bridgend.
State officials estimate some 6 million televisions and monitors containing cathode ray tubes are stored in people's garages and closets.
Laptop computers contain much less lead than cathode ray tubes do.
In July 2001, Hitachi announced that it would withdraw from business of cathode ray tubes for PC monitors.
With 35,000sqft of processing space, the factory will have the capacity to recycle 500,000 cathode ray tubes a year - around five per cent of the total UK annual volume of redundant tubes.
Its product line consists of a wide variety of electron optic parts for OEM cathode ray tube and monitor manufacturers, monochrome and color CRTs for medical, military, industrial and television applications, high and low end monochrome and color CRT and AMLCD monitor displays for specialty high performance and ruggedized requirements and a complete array of replacement parts for the consumer electronics industry.
The fact has been that without a monitor or TV set deep enough to accommodate a cathode ray tube, engineers have been unable to produce a large, sharp image that is viewable from any angle.
Electronic Recyclers has the largest electronic recycling facility in the state that demanufactures, recycles and crushes the cathode ray tubes found in computer monitors, televisions and other types of video equipment.
The ERA facility de-manufactures, recycles and crushes cathode ray tubes found in computer monitors, televisions and other video equipment.
Company bosses said the plant, which assembles traditional style televisions using cathode ray tube technology, had been hit by the growth in demand for hi-tech flat screen TVs.
leading developer of Thin CRT (thin cathode ray tube) flat panel
Samsung was able to accurately customize the deflection requirements using Pixelworks' DHC technology and integrated test patterns to perfect the image on any slim cathode ray tube.