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(psychoanalysis) the libidinal energy invested in some idea or person or object

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control group); BCS: Body Cathexis Scale; IELT: intravaginal ejaculation latency time; LSAS: Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale; PEDT: Premature Ejaculation Diagnostic Tool.
CCTV market and Cathexis is an important part of it.
9,10,25) In the current study, we examined wife's autonomy and husband's inequitable gender attitudes--which are related to sexual division of power and cathexis, respectively, in the theory of gender and power--because they may be directly related to relationship power and, in turn, HIV risk.
Here, in an elegy for his friend Geoff, a suicide, cathexis and auto-response bloom out when Ward notices Geoff's eerie resemblance to the actor playing Joy Division singer Ian Curtis in the biopic Control.
Transference, libidinal cathexis, oedipal complex, and castration anxiety are just a small sampling from the highly technical language system that Freud created.
Yamashita's cathexis of inclusion not just to the United States, but to "native to the land" identity, depends upon a recognition and remembrance of the violence done to Indigenous peoples as the justification for rights and recognition within the nation-state.
El significado de ese pelo perdido, tan propio de la loca, se puede clarificar a traves de la relectura de Elizabeth Grosz y sus ideas kristeveanas de lo abyecto en la que, las partes desmontables del cuerpo, como el pelo, retain something of the cathexis and value of a body part even when they are separated from the body.
The global cathexis invested in Thompson's polemical interventions of the end of the 1970s is nowadays much thinner on the ground.
There is no neat ending to this story--no tidy conclusion to the intersecting narratives of my childhood, my professional strife, my nervous breakdown, and my Mary cathexis.
This process of inscription and cathexis can be considered what Grosz would term an "involuntary" marking owing to the lack of intent on the part of the character.
Thus, from the monotonous and neurotic character of the machine age, the dysfunctional relationship between sovereignty and "bare life," and the traumatic experience of the war, individuals transferred their repressed surpluses of mental and emotional energy to politics, demanding a new political aesthetic characterized by a vitalistic Weltanschauung, by an incessant and permanent mobilization and, above all, by an emotional cathexis between the Volk and its latent energy (Will).
If the flip side of the Ecstatic experience is depleted serotonin and soulless automatism then it is only afterwards, as in the psychic model of object cathexis and loss, that melancholia sets in.
from MIT [18] [19] puts forward a complex affective generator model Cathexis on the basis of the four types.
Robert Ryman, to the contrary, has counted among Richter's favorite painters since the late 1960s, and this cathexis is as surprising in many ways as Richter's need to distance himself from Johns.