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(psychoanalysis) the libidinal energy invested in some idea or person or object

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Rather, when the subject attempts to appease the foreclosure of cathexes experienced during primary narcissism through cultural activity (or 'sublimation'), Bersani argues that these activities are 'extensions of self-love .
If the insistently thematizing title constitutes each of these figures as "girls," it also, of course, posits them as "friends" (or even lovers), part of an ever-expanding, promiscuous community predicated on the photographer's own libidinal cathexes.
36) Closely related to this is an instinctual defusion: the erotic cathexis is weakened, which leads to the release of destructive cathexes and the emergence of hatred.
In his libidinal-narcissistic economy, sexual intercourse would entail a radical rupture of his womanly self-semblance which resisted a freer and deeper articulation of sexual (erotic) object cathexes and concomitantly, of his own sexual development.
Similarly, a "secondary process" rationalizes cathexes by disguising them as affects that might potentially be satisfying or useful.
We plan to provide an architectural mix that has much more variety and interest than developments in which every element looks the same," said Don Clark, architect, Cathexes.