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a thin flexible tube inserted into the body to permit introduction or withdrawal of fluids or to keep the passageway open

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In small case reports and case series where sufficient details were stated, we could find only 11 previously described cases of spinal epidural abscess managed by percutaneous drainage, involving either needle aspiration or catheter drainage and irrigation.
We successfully treated this transcervical, transthoracic infection surgically via a transoral approach to the retropharyngeal abscess combined with catheter drainage and irrigation of the abscess cavity at a depth of 13 cm.
Given the widely accepted importance of closed catheter drainage, efforts have been made to seal the connection between the catheter and collection tubing.
Appell concludes that the data "indicates that a self-controlled valved catheter is feasible, safe and appreciated by patients, especially demonstrated in patients who had previous experience with a Foley catheter drainage system.
In addition, Clear Catheter has a pipeline of products based on its proprietary tube clearance technology to treat tube clogging in other medical market segments, including a system for the urinary catheter drainage market, the enteral feeding sector as well as systems for standard surgical drains.
The extraperitoneal injury was managed conservatively with catheter drainage (Fig.
Percutaneous catheter drainage has shown its value in intra-abdominal abscess drainage in a wide variety of situations.
4,5) Jain et al (15) claimed that direct infusion of antituberculous agents were more effective than systemic application when used in combination with simple needle aspiration or short-term catheter drainage of TLA, because the thick fibrous tissue around the abscess cavity and the large size of the lesion may prevent the antibiotics from reaching the target.
Six patients required postoperative urinary catheter drainage, and of those, four had in-out catheterization in the operating room after the procedure.
Most patients with blunt trauma resulting in extraperitoneal bladder rupture (EBR) can be managed conservatively with catheter drainage alone.
Transrectal catheter drainage of deep abdominal and pelvic abscesses using combined ultrasonography and fluoroscopy.