catherine wheel

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a circular firework that spins round and round emitting colored fire


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Includes a five-pack of shot tubes, a 100-shot missile cake, five packs of sparklers, each containing five sparklers, two Catherine wheels, a 24-piece selection box, a five pack of rockets, a 10-shot aerial display, a 16-shot Roman candle cake and a pack of three firework lighters.
GEMINI Everything you need for a mini-display, with six long-lasting fountains, two multi-shots, two rockets, five Roman candles, one Catherine wheel and a finale aerial mine.
I have two criticisms of Catherine Wheels, and they are small.
This is the first step in presenting the label on tour almost as a travelling circus show and is an ideal way to present the philosophy of the label via the individuality of Catherine Wheel, House of Love and Ocean Colour Scene.
THE CATHERINE WHEEL Tune Into a (recorded live) Webcast of The Catherine Wheel For One Day Only Wednesday 10.
Give me a Wagon Wheel over a Catherine Wheel any day.
Titanic tussles between Desert Orchid and Panto Prince in the Victor Chandler Chase, Persian Punch and Royal Rebel in the Gold Cup, and Reference Point and Mtoto in the Eclipse weren't necessarily anticipated, while a potential classic rematch between Dancing Brave and Shahrastani in the King George fizzled out like a wet catherine wheel.
The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater recently took on its first Tharp work, The Golden Section from The Catherine Wheel (1981), and will perform the work on tour across the country.
Kieren Fallon had to work much harder to land odds of 1-3 on Catherine Wheel in the three-year-old maiden.
Still, they showed a lot of respect for their heroes - guitar-hand windmilling from 'Townshend', manic drumming from 'Moon' and 'Daltrey' spun his microphone like a Catherine wheel.
The search continues vainly but implacably up to the death of the old baker Salvatore Casaccio, who at that supreme moment enters a fantastic Catherine wheel where the figures from the mirage that has stolen away Silvinia and characters from the historical reality of the time whirl around him together.
Of course fireworks are enjoyable, but even the biggest catherine wheel enthusiast has got to admit that in stretched financial times that money could be better spent elsewhere.
Whether you're trooping across the inky blackness of the local park to watch fireworks explode into the night sky or gathering in your own garden to see a Catherine wheel spin with its shower of sparks, there's nothing like November 5 to bring people together.
A Catherine Wheel the size of a 10p was nailed to the garden fence and spun round twice with a few sparks flying off and gave us about as much excitement as getting one number on a Euromillions rollover would these days.
Other injuries reported last November included an 18-year-old who suffered firework injuries to his groin and a man in Rugby who developed neck pain after a Catherine wheel fell on his head.