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Synonyms for catfish

flesh of scaleless food fish of the southern United States


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large ferocious northern deep-sea food fishes with strong teeth and no pelvic fins

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lupus was resolved as sister to a clade comprising the Sinaloa and Yaqui catfishes.
An electrophoretic and multivariate morphometric comparison of the American catfishes Ictalurus lupus and I.
ABSTRACT--Eight species of catfishes were collected during a survey of Lake Maurepas, an oligohaline part of the upper Lake Pontchartrain estuary.
Key words: catfishes, Lake Maurepas, Ictaluridae, Ariidae, Louisiana.
Ictalurid catfishes, identified in the field as the headwater catfish, were collected and preserved as vouchers on 30 June 2007 from the Frio River at the Ranch Road 1120 (Real County, Texas) and Ranch to Market Road 1050 (Uvalde County, Texas) crossings near the city of Leakey.