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  • verb

Synonyms for categorize

to distribute into groups according to kinds

Synonyms for categorize

place into or assign to a category

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Talat said Christofias and he aimed to reach a further compromise on categorizing properties.
In addition to recognizing and categorizing images, ART 2 can react, if necessary, to what it has "seen.
employee subjectively selects which ones he/she thinks should be kept), then audits should be periodically performed to ensure that employees are correctly categorizing and retaining important communications.
The foundation of InStranet's software's data model uniquely solves the problem of categorizing and securing large amounts of knowledge within an enterprise knowledge base, and is one of the building blocks of Web 2.
The software again took over, sorting the data created since the last application of the system, categorizing it, and sending the appropriate documents and their metadata to the RMA.
It's a technique that could improve results from traditional categorizing systems and is particularly useful for classifying short documents, according to Martin.
Many traditional anti-spam solutions work by comparing incoming messages to multiple profiles of "typical" spam, categorizing as spam those messages that resemble spam, not because they are proven to be spam.
When we stop categorizing people verbally, then we'll stop categorizing them socially.
What's been lacking has been a dedicated solution for categorizing and managing unstructured files based on defined policies.
Autonomy's technology provides an automated, scalable solution to categorizing documents that empowers us to offer a better, more robust Digital Mailroom solution to our customers.
The software, which is a categorizing tool, is intended to help businesses keep their e-document collections orderly and easily accessible, and it is available for licensing from Xerox.
A key component of Cerberian's product is its unique Dynamic Real-Time Rating (DRTR) technology, which acts as a second line of defense by continually rating and categorizing new Web sites while blocking uncategorized objectionable content on the fly.
Establishing an effective process for categorizing, analyzing, and managing the IT portfolio is extremely challenging.
The research points out that businesses often don't consider context in their information infrastructure investments, but those that do, particularly those that use products that have a statistical model for categorizing and finding context within information stores, will be able to provide a more efficient approach to customers and business partners by being able to respond more rapidly to changes in the information environment and, therefore, delivering a faster, more comprehensive, and more useful solution.