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  • verb

Synonyms for categorize

to distribute into groups according to kinds

Synonyms for categorize

place into or assign to a category

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Talat said Christofias and he aimed to reach a further compromise on categorizing properties.
In addition to recognizing and categorizing images, ART 2 can react, if necessary, to what it has "seen.
The software again took over, sorting the data created since the last application of the system, categorizing it, and sending the appropriate documents and their metadata to the RMA.
It's a technique that could improve results from traditional categorizing systems and is particularly useful for classifying short documents, according to Martin.
Categorizing tools currently available in the market treat each subject category independently of each other and are considered "flat.
Establishing an effective process for categorizing, analyzing, and managing the IT portfolio is extremely challenging.
The research points out that businesses often don't consider context in their information infrastructure investments, but those that do, particularly those that use products that have a statistical model for categorizing and finding context within information stores, will be able to provide a more efficient approach to customers and business partners by being able to respond more rapidly to changes in the information environment and, therefore, delivering a faster, more comprehensive, and more useful solution.
First generation filtering solutions have and still rely on human review efforts and manual data entry, thus making the process of categorizing Web sites a subjective and slow process.
Contexion Services automatically recognizes Web content by categorizing both the contents of a Web page and the context represented by the Web site and subdirectory in which the page resides.
The fact that so many different government agencies have all chosen Semio's taxonomy software validates the fact that our patented technology for identifying and categorizing key concepts buried in vast amounts of text is a dramatic improvement over traditional artificial intelligence approaches, neural networks or keyword index technologies.
After evaluating and testing a number of products on the market over the last 12 months, we concluded that F4i provided the most comprehensive and advanced image recognition software platform available, correctly identifying and categorizing around 95% of the images that it scans.
We want the name `TrueArc' to be synonymous with intelligent electronic communications' categorizing and archiving software.
Companies need to add structure to this sort of information by automatically categorizing it and making it immediately accessible using a rich variety of dynamic navigation aids, thus creating a competitive advantage and maximizing the profits from their corporate knowledge.