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ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The Turkish government categorized and monitored the activities of a large number of individuals whom it believed to be followers of certain religious and faith-based groups up until 2013, a Turkish daily reported on Monday.
215 (27 per cent) were categorized as low overall risk Of the 532 wastewater systems inspected:
Researchers found that only 8 percent of the flight Compliance mishaps were due to "willful non-compliance" whereas 39 percent of ACC flight mishaps where categorized as Compliance mishaps for causes that could reasonably be attributed to proficiency-related issues, and 53 percent of the Compliance mishaps where caused by all other issues combined.
BluePrint Data's "Zero False Positive Guarantee" program will credit new customers who sign up under this program in through the end of 2011 with a $500 credit for each separate occurrence[1] where the customer's end user is disallowed access to a website because BluePrint Data has incorrectly categorized it.
Urinary metabolite concentrations were categorized as indicating low, intermediate, or high phthalate exposure.
In my opinion, the most distinctive contribution of the book is its appendix: a thirteen-page list of pieces categorized by emotional and spiritual content.
In fact, appropriate SG & A levels cannot be set without evaluating "shadow spend," which refers to categories of spending that are SG & A-oriented but are categorized as COGS.
Where questionnaire items that were categorized as indicating interest or difficulty were reversed, the items were recoded to reflect the opposite score.
John Graunt, in 1662, categorized the causes of death in the London Bills of Mortality.
In Palmdale and surrounding unincorporated communities from Acton to Pearblossom, records show there are three sex offenders categorized as ``high risk'' because of repeat offenses, more than 300 categorized as ``serious,'' and five listed in the ``other'' category.
The cracks in the tubes were categorized into five classes.
I would argue that there are at least three ways in which the various patriot militias can be categorized as an arm of the extreme right.
All contributions must be categorized in financial statements by the types of restrictions specified by the donors.