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Synonyms for categorize

to distribute into groups according to kinds

Synonyms for categorize

place into or assign to a category

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After 1967, such apprehensions proved amply justified, as Leider found himself drawn to less categorizable artistic tendencies and new debates that diverged from those his previously favored writers found comfortable.
5) Tables 2-3 and 5-8 below only show the numbers for those texts whose origin is categorizable as either authentic or translated.
In particular, I suspect that mainstream, familiar concepts of a bordered South and a categorizable, recognizable Southernness, however permeable and flexible these concepts may be, are mostly dysfunctional when it comes to American Indian literature.
Rossellini retained these aspects of neorealism; however the style and aesthetic evident in the Bergman films had evolved and were less easily categorizable.
Dunn laments the tendency to ignore "othered" cultural forms such as oral and lowlife "literature" that are not easily categorizable but which are essential to understanding picaresque phenomena.
It was regrettably predictable, then, that the 2009 Venice Biennale jury that awarded a "special mention" to Wong's exhibition chose to praise his examination of "the history of Singapore's multiethnic cultural identities via the demise of the country's once flourishing film industry," a trite and anodyne description that said more about the global art establishment's perpetual quest for readily categorizable difference than it did about how Wong's works embodied the "Expanding Worlds" category within which his award was granted.
For Butler and for Marcus, the sterile, stainless-steel, air-conditioned New South works in just the opposite way, reducing the complex interplay of difference into easily categorizable and controllable opposites of white and black--as Marcus puts it, splitting Mississippians into "Whippissippians and Blappissippians" (160).
This same slippage, I would argue, underlies Klein's static conception of psychoanalytic interpretation as the identification of symbols within a "personal iconography" that function as symptoms of clearly definable and categorizable character disorders--an approach that deploys "psychoanalytic" frameworks of meaning in what is ultimately merely the elaboration of an iconographic interpretation.
Less categorizable investigations into the implications of painting at the nexus of Conceptual art and traditional materiality were being pursued along both abstract and representational lines, and an approach to abstraction was beginning to crystallize, typified by artists like Bill Jensen, Gary Stephan, and Stephen Mueller, that seemed to be asking what nonobjective painting might be if Clement Greenberg's rigorous proscriptions had never hijacked the conversation in American aesthetics.
Artists create and de-create new forms, which mostly aren't categorizable until they've already moved elsewhere.