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Synonyms for categorical

Synonyms for categorical

clearly, fully, and sometimes emphatically expressed

Synonyms for categorical

relating to or included in a category or categories


not modified or restricted by reservations

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Of the moods the modal tulema-construction in the old written language reveals the indicative and six occurrences of the conditional, which softens the categoricalness of obligation, e.
At the same time, an indicative sentence can present a command in a harsher manner if there is a lexical reference to categoricalness or quickness of action (8,34) etc.
In sentence 8, however, the passive participle (tud-participle) adds categoricalness to the Estonian command.
At the same time they have emphasized the difference between the direct and indirect modes of reporting, the different morphological expression of the indicative and oblique imperative, and also the different degree of categoricalness in the different persons of the same mood, that is, the direct and oblique imperative (e.