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one who instructs catechumens in preparation for baptism (especially one using a catechism)

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In addition, the numerical growth of catechists in every region--an increase by 80,222, to a total of 2,847,673--was again by far most significant in the Americas (+53,675).
Preachers, teachers, and catechists would do well to attend to the particular theological emphases of each account.
Along with others, he urged that the theological college's catechist classes lead to a final exam that would open the way to licensing and ordination.
He opened many catechetical centers in seminaries and far-flung barrios and, together with Madre Laura Mendoza, founded the Missionary Catechists of the Sacred Heart in 1923.
Every chapter is full of practical, workable activities that will appeal to catechists of all levels of experience--and their students.
Lay readers, catechists and other non-ordained ministers expanded the ministry beyond the confines of the institutional church and its buildings.
Bales repeatedly pushes against the assumption of both catechists and parents in the classes she observed that children passively absorbed information that was communicated to them.
Many of the ronderos were catechists who had been trained in the institute founded by Bishop Dammert.
He argues that just as the liturgists who developed the RCIA shaped its contours by gleaning from a variety of ancient liturgical texts, so catechists might turn to ancient catechetical documents, learning "what we can from those for whom the catechumenate was an ordinary reality, that is the Fathers who directed the ancient catechumenate" (28).
I have never understood that priests, nuns, catechists, and others might make a Christian armed movement.
MANILA -- Thousands of religious, educators, catechists, ministers, even politicians, from all over Asia are expected to come together this week to discuss the situation of families in the region.
Those occupying or asked to fill responsible spiritual positions (such as extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, catechists, altar servants, diocesan and national teaching personnel) must be free of impediments in order to receive Communion.
Catechists relay to her three top observations from their classrooms: Students are bored, they like media and they will engage in media.
A blog post reporting on a requirement that catechists sign a "profession of faith" sparked much discussion: