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of or relating to or resembling a rigorous catechism


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Wright, like Whitman, has spent his entire career writing one poem, given its fits and starts, its intricate lacunae, its mysterious fields, its catechistic reverberations, its ultimately artificial segmenting into books.
Interestingly, the religious roots of angelology persist in the question-and-answer catechistic format adopted by Raymond in his exposition of the characteristics of the early modern angel.
79) Nishimura points out that rosary practice had been heavily promoted by the Jesuit fathers even before the entry of Dominicans in 1602, as Jesuits' catechistic manual Doctrina Christan attests.
Inessa Medzhibovskaya has described them as a "free paraphrase from the Metaphysics of Morals and other works by Kant regarding catechistic and didactic knowledge" (Medzhibovskaya 27-28).
See Kramnick 203-40; Alan Richardson, "The Politics of Childhood: Wordsworth, Blake, and Catechistic Method," ELH 56.
The doctrine of iconographic veneration underscores the importance of large scale reproduction of the religious images in places ofworship as well as devotional and catechistic texts to assure the facilitation of teaching correct church doctrine in an illiterate medieval world.
Included with the expected catechistic phrases are some which include the people in the household and the vocabulary of sewing, from both cultures, in more detail than previously evidenced.
What was even better in this catechistic discourse broadcast on the widely watched NBC Sunday morning meet the press programme, was Powell's reference to Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan of Manahawkin, New Jersey, a Muslim American soldier killed in Baquba, Iraq on August 6, 2007, and whose remains were buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC.
The two fundamental objectives of education (preparing for citizenship and stimulating creativity) can hardly be achieved, in a constructive way, by a traditional, formal, catechistic mathematics education, which frequently leads to individual annihilation, and intellectual, even material, enslavement, and favors inequality, bigotry and arrogance.
This catechistic question-and-answer mode persuaded at least some readers who followed its logic.
By faith, I don't mean signing up for a set of catechistic beliefs.
Burkhart, "Death and the Colonial Nahua"; le sigue el titulado "Nahuatl Catechistic Drama: New Translation, Old Preocupations", original de Daniel Mosquera; el cuarto y ultimo es "Instructing the Nahuas in Judeo-Christian Obedience: A Neixcuitilli and Four Sermon Pieces on the Akedah", por Viviana Balseta.
Daniel Mosquera reflects on the catechistic aspects of the plays.
Too many words bring discontent," says she in catechistic voice.
That hive of humanity that lives up top, that Havana that's slave to the light will raise a monument to our catechistic labor some day, a monument to our galleys that sail the furrows of the earth, a monument to our warehouses crammed with salt and coffee, cured meat and garlic, our galleys brimming with the priesthood of commerce and good service, full of the lively noise of the world .