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a word printed at the top of the page of a dictionary or other reference book to indicate the first or last item on that page

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SHOWS: 38 - including Countdown, Fifteen To One, Jeopardy, Catchword, Crystal Maze, The Big Break, Crosswits, Today's The Day, Pass The Buck, Wipeout, Wheel Of Fortune, It's Not The Answer
Of course, being a Vauxhall there's use of the catchword Flex.
The catchword is customers should be king, but in this sector, government servants are king.
London, Nov 24 (ANI): Popular catchword 'Doh' apparently has prehistoric origins and was one of the first words used by humans to communicate, a new study has suggested.
NEW YORK--The catchword throughout the retail industry in 1994 was value, and the concept appears to be reflected in this publication's fifth Annual State of the Industry Report.
For the New Foresters, the catchword would be, -The forest comes before the trees.
Now we have Ricky Tomlinson parading himself with his famous catchword "my a.
We are living in a society where the catchword is the Young Boy Network, with everybody over the age of 40 considered over the hill.
Catchword phrases have even appeared in crossword puzzles in national publications such as People Magazine.
Reforms a la Koizumi,'' which was the catchword for his administration, have been made toothless.
He has since appeared on The Weakest Link, Wheel Of Fortune, 15 to One and Catchword, among many others.
In his first few Budgets, his favourite catchword was ``prudence'', and more than ever before he should at this stage stick to this side of his policies.
That is supposed to be the catchword for the SE's pounds 1million campaign for intended to recruit no end of private investors.
Building upon my experience in putting over forty publishers online at CatchWord and then Ingenta," Melkin stated, "I am eager to deliver Atypon's superior technology and stellar customer service to the wider publishing community.