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designed to sell quickly without concern for quality

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3) Catchpenny 'Tom Sayers, the Champion' published by Disley, 1860; author's collection.
Saddled with a catchpenny English title that makes pic sound like a psychothriller, this neatly directed dramedy provides a fine showcase for talented actress Heike Makatsch, here also co-writing and co-producing, in her second outing with Herzog after 2005's U.
McKenna limits his discussion to plays that "either directly or indirectly confront issues of sectarian conflict" (1), and within these parameters he examines a fairly representative sample: Stewart Parker's Catchpenny Twist, Northern Star, and Pentecost; Brian Friel's The Freedom of the City and Volunteers; John Wilson Haire's Within Two Shadows; Martin Lynch's The Interrogation of Ambrose Fogarty; Graham Reid's The Death of Humpty Dumpty and The Closed Door, Kenneth Branagh's Public Enemy; Patrick Galvin's We Do It for Love; Frank McGuinness's Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme and Carthaginians; Christina Reid's Did You Hear the One about the Irishman?
Maxwell has compiled a list of plays dealing with these relevant issues: Wilson John Haire's Within Two Shadows (1972), Brian Friel's The Freedom of the City (1973) and Volunteers (1975), David Rudkin's Ashes (1974) and The Saxon Shore (1986), Stewart Parker's Catchpenny Twist (1977), Bill Morrison's Flying Blind (1977), Graham Reid's The Death of Humpty Dumpty (1979) and The Closed Door (1980), Martin Lynch's The Interrogation of Ambrose Fogarty (1988), Stewart Parker's Pentecost (1987), Anne Devlin's Ourselves Alone (1985), Kenneth Branagh's Public Enemy (1987), and Frank McGuinness's Carthaginians (1988).
MICHAEL Howard, Britain's No1 catchpenny politician (definition: a worthless article puffed up to catch the pennies of those foolish enough to buy it) has come up with a new wheeze.
that in a way is unthinkable in itself--every other Kultural thing but not poet--Frost is the only living poet if you're looking out the window of the white house--and of course he's a middle everything idiot--whose catchpenny verse has enthralled millions--
The parentage of Catchpenny is `Post'/4/`Jotun'/3/`Hudson'//VA 67-42-47/`Rapidan/5/`Sussex'/`Nomini'.
PROFESSOR GOODY IS NO LONGER (if he ever was) a pushy thirtysomething desperate to be noticed, so perhaps the inspiration for his book's catchpenny title and fun jacket was not his but that of his publisher's marketing department.
His biographers blame this rough treatment on the pro-slavery lobby's racist attacks on him in London's catchpenny press (Marshall and Stock 11819), and there may have been other peculiar circumstances working against him at that particular time and place.
Despite its catchpenny title, Williams's book is marked by an old-fashioned sobriety of tone that sets it apart from the post-modern excitements of David Bergeron's prosaically labelled collection.
Lest we should think this a mere catchpenny title devised by the publisher, the aptly-named Nicholas Ling, Nashe opens his second prefatory epistle with a discussion of it:
Between the team's catchpenny changeovers and Oakland's kowtowing to the Raiders, A's fans seem to be angrier at their franchise than any fans in baseball.
I am afraid, however, that there is no writing today that stands to the reviews in our contemporary art journals in any thing like the relationship of Diderot's salons the covered the exhibitions regularly from 1759 through 1981) to the catchpenny publications of the Parisian critics of the 18th century.
A catchpenny introduction (not by McGowan and perhaps urged by the publishers to attract sensation-seekers) lays unnecessary emphasis on aspects of Baudelaire's poetry which are comparatively unimportant and dated: the blasphemy, the tedious hints of sadism and the sapphic naughtiness (which concerns only three poems after all out of well over a hundred).
we deprecated the catchpenny style of the second title [The Black Riders of the Congaree]; but as regards "Confession," neither its first nor its second title [The Blind Heart] is calculated to convey an adequate idea of the nature of the work, which requires to be carefully read in order to be fully appreciated.