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designed to sell quickly without concern for quality

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It certainly soars above the catchpenny variety produced by players who, on the strength of a few Tests, feel it necessary to churn out the first of what will be probably be a number of autobiographies.
Purists might wince at the catchpenny modulations which crowned so many of these songs in such sequential proximity, but no-one could fail to admire the amazing expertise of the CBSO players as these numbers tumbled from their instruments with such dedicated professionalism.
With Spokesong still on its travels, Parker in the 70s produced a radio play I'm A Dreamer Montreal for the BBC and by 1976, Catchpenny Twist, followed by The Actress and the Bishop and Kingdom Come, Nightshade, The Kamikaze Ground Staff Reunion Dinner for radio and Iris in the Traffic, Ruby in the Rain for television.
Lynne Parker, 'Introduction', Stewart Parker, Plays 1: Spokesong, Catchpenny Twist, Nightshade, Pratt's Fall (London: Methuen, 2000), p.
Between the team's catchpenny changeovers and Oakland's kowtowing to the Raiders, A's fans seem to be angrier at their franchise than any fans in baseball.
I am afraid, however, that there is no writing today that stands to the reviews in our contemporary art journals in any thing like the relationship of Diderot's salons the covered the exhibitions regularly from 1759 through 1981) to the catchpenny publications of the Parisian critics of the 18th century.
we deprecated the catchpenny style of the second title [The Black Riders of the Congaree]; but as regards "Confession," neither its first nor its second title [The Blind Heart] is calculated to convey an adequate idea of the nature of the work, which requires to be carefully read in order to be fully appreciated.
16 and a concert night featuring Boogie Wonderland and Catchpenny on Saturday, Sept.
30 Catchpenny DOUBLE: Australia Day and Calusa Caldera
Paul Freeman was the avuncular conductor of the personable Czech National Sinfonia (late replacements for the grounded Chicago Sinfonietta), taking them through a range of other American music: Jack Mason's facile, catchpenny Suite of selections from Bernstein's West Side Story; an uneven, bizarrely saxophone and banjo-less Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue, soloist David Syme most engaged when combining his piano, continuo-like, with the orchestra; and a noisy Copland Fanfare for the Common Man.
Glazunov's opening movements were sacrificed to the propagandist drivel of the suite from Gliere's The Red Poppy ballet, catchpenny music which outstayed its welcome almost from its opening bars.
BEETHOVEN Violin Sonatas (Naxos Historical): While new releases of major repertoire seem to be drying up, market saturation point possibly having been reached, we remain ever more grateful to those companies who, eschewing the tawdry razmatazz of the latest fly-by-night superstar strutting their catchpenny stuff, allow us to mine the riches of the past.
Not that much can be done for the catchpenny F major Concerto a due Cori, a trip down the memory lane of some of Handel's greatest hits, though we did enjoy bravely trilling horns and generous cascades of wind figuration.
The Prime Minister's catchpenny attempts to attract attention, like a hawker in a market square, encourage him to come out with more and more fatuous ideas.
CureDuchenne will also help Lalith and Mike with a fundraising concert, featuring Catchpenny, a hot new band from Minnesota who wrote a wonderful song for CureDuchenne called `Chance for a Lifetime' (a song about a parent's love for their Duchenne child)," continued Mrs.