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In the period 2000-2003 the influence of mine water was minimal, due to groundwater in the Puhajogi River catchment area filling closed Ahtme and Tammiku mines.
She added: "Children are entitled to transport to schools in their catchment area and in this case the catchment area is Tuam.
What we are against is the abuse of power and the abuse of below-cost selling by the largest retailers in small catchment areas for the sole purpose of long-term domination of the catchment area.
F4 assumed that the impact of diarrheal illness, and the behavior of persons with diarrhea and their healthcare providers, was the same in the FoodNet catchment area as in the U.
Mr Pickup said: "I would not like to put a figure on what extra money parents are paying in Yarm to be in the catchment area of certain schools but I do not think it is anything like as high as pounds 47,000 extra.
The couple's son John, 32, added: "We are outwith the catchment area by three miles, but my father is a desperately ill man.
The ten Midland schools with the smallest catchment area The ten Midland schools with the smallest catchment area St Martin's COFE Primary School, Tipton .
In fact the report to the Cardiff cabinet dated April 10, 2014 included the recommendation that: [ The cabinet ] authorise officers to carry out further research into the catchment area arrangements for Ysgol Gymraeg Coed y Gof and Ysgol Gynradd Gwaelod y Garth Primary School with a view to considering whether a further consultation on potential changes from September 2016 should be undertaken between September 2014 and March 2015.
PLANS to merge six Warwick primary school catchment areas into one have been delayed after just 48 of 2,900 questionnaires asking for parents' views were filled in.
GWYNEDD council's cabinet yesterday resumed plans to reorganise education in Y Berwyn catchment area and establish a new lifelong school in Y Bala.
Officials have launched a public consultation on revising catchment area arrangements from September 2015 as part of its continual review of the supply of and demand for school places.
HOMEBUYERS are becoming more focused on being in the catchment area of a good school, according to a new report.
For the past two years the free soil testing programme was run for farms in the Afon Clwyd catchment area but this has now been extended to farms in other areas where issues with water quality are thought to be linked to agriculture.
Metrological department had predicted water level in river Ravi would remain low during next 24 hours but after release of water by India low-level flood has hit drainage Bhutsen and Basantar of River Ravi catchment area.
With a huge undersupplied catchment area, Kidderminster is set to become a significant regional retail destination.