catcher's mask

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a mask to protect the face of the catcher in baseball

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The subject wore a catcher's mask and canvas baseball shoes with what one catalogue called "instep straps" and "fancy toe tips.
However, throat protectors go back as early as 1888, as demonstrated by a Spalding advertisement for the Spalding's Trade Marked Catcher's Mask No.
But take off that catcher's mask and you can see the maturity and love for a boy's game in Carlton Fisk's eyes.
Using high speed video, a crash test dummy and a skeet throwing machine, they propelled a baseball at about 100 mph at the dummy wearing both styles of catcher's mask.
In one painting he shared with the team Wednesday, Dali is wearing a catcher's mask, and among the scrawled messages in the frame is a paraphrased Dali quote: "Have no fear of perfection.
When Tom Brokaw created the term "The Greatest Generation," he may not have realized that in one Lawrence Peter "Yogi" Berra, he had a single figure who represented the whole experience, wrapped up in a chest protector, shin guards and catcher's mask.
His bat and catcher's mask were the first artifacts sent to the newly constructed Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.
Inouye-Perez stands up out of her crouch and takes off her catcher's mask.
The team is in need of new or used baseball gloves, bats and a catcher's mask.
10 of the 2007 MLB Umpire Manual, "If a batted or thrown ball inadvertently goes inside a player or coach's uniform (or lodges in the catcher's mask or paraphernalia), the umpire shall call 'Time.
Sporting a ``Support Our Troops'' T-shirt as he sat at his locker in the San Diego Padres' spring clubhouse recently, Mike Piazza adjusted a fresh catcher's mask as he waxed nostalgic about Dodgers days.
Among them are Joe DiMaggio's spikes worn during his 56-game hitting streak in 1941, a contract Ty Cobb signed with the Detroit Tigers in 1914 (annual salary: $15,000), a 1900 catcher's mask that looks like a medieval torture device and an 1876 baseball of dark-brown leather.
09(9), if a ball gets lodged in the catcher's mask or paraphernalia, and remains out of play, runners are allowed to advance one base.
The team is in need of new or used baseball gloves, wooden bats, a catcher's mask and uniforms.
Lo Duca kept playing, with a hockey-style catcher's mask.