catch up

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reach the point where one should be after a delay

learn belatedly

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I'm in the office in the afternoon and -- as I'm responsible not only for the Middle East but Sri Lanka and South Asia -- I give my wider team a chance to catch up with me via Skype.
If you want to find a competitor that might be able to match up to us, it is Deutsche Poste, but they probably have several years of work to do to catch up with us.
A survey of more than 500 employers found that 17 per cent of workers favour the McBeal method of learning the latest news, while 67 per cent catch up in the taxi or on the train to an external meeting.
For a while UPS has been playing catch up, but now that you've made some progress, what new frontiers do you have to break through?
The year is 1986, and for the past six years I've been trying to catch up with the elusive thrall of experimental film.