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Synonyms for catcall

any of various derisive sounds of disapproval

Words related to catcall

a cry expressing disapproval

utter catcalls at

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But as he returned to the winner's enclosure to a handful of catcalls, Ahern was quick to apologise for his actions.
It drew catcalls of naivete from some pundits, who alluded to the Russian president's history as a KGB operative, his present backtracking on democracy, and the continued bloodletting in Chechnya.
For five years, we at CE endured the catcalls and epithets from competitors and critics.
In the opening minutes of The Full Monty, a Chippendales-type dancer strips to a very skimpy brief to the catcalls and wolf whistles of screaming female fans.
Physically precocious young girls often must endure stares and nasty catcalls.
Valter Cristofoletto, sin-binned in the first-half, was given his marching orders in the 62nd minute by Argentine referee Pablo Deluca after he stamped on French back row Abdelatif Benazzi and left to catcalls from the Paris crowd.
Although the idea of taking water bills out of the hands of the Department of Finance has been applauded by some, it is getting catcalls from others.
On the other side, her family, some of them crying, averted their eyes and tried to ignore the hooting and catcalls of the audience.
The Cubs appear to be hiding from the view of the fans while allowing their batboy to be subjected to the humiliation of catcalls from the stands.
Henry also says catcalls from women make him uncomfortable.
The crowd bursts into catcalls and cheers as three luchadores swagger onto the ring in glamorous see-through robes.
He attended a Hillsborough Memorial Service and through a barrage of catcalls and boos, from some who had heard it all before and had understandably lost trust, he promised us the truth.
But thanks to his love of his family, and a few catcalls from scallywags on the street, Marc found the courage to confront his demons.
those catcalls, like, 'Do you have Depends , the incontinence-relief underwear, on under there?
Despite having a history of spats with US crowds, with catcalls of 'Mrs Doubtfire' of ten thrown at Monty, the 47-year-old insists he doesn't anticipate any problems if he is made a vice-captain in Chicago.