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characterized by catatonia especially either rigidity or extreme laxness of limbs

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Kiki arrives and tells Franco that Heather is in a catatonic state, locked safely in her cell.
00pm) FILM OF THE DAY Awakenings (Sky Movies Drama & A research doctor in a New York psychiatric hospital provokes equal measures of professional interest and suspicion when he appears to have discovered a means of reviving patients who have been trapped in a catatonic state for over 30 years.
00pm Based on a true story, Robin Williams plays Dr Malcolm Sayer, who is charged with caring for a group of catatonic patients, who begin to respond to a variety of stimuli.
Written in a dull, catatonic tone, The Rational Optimist makes it tough for the reader to get from one chapter to the next, let alone finish.
The near catatonic female turns out to be Sarah Carter (Shauna Macdonald), one of six friends who went missing on a caving expedition.
I suppose it's comforting in a way that despite the best efforts of his closest advisers (among whose hollowed ranks I number), Gordo does occasionally make a decision that is not entirely catatonic.
Not that it matters, their endless free psych pummeling can induce spazmotics, ear damage, catatonic bliss, whatever.
And what a grim life it has been--his mother died of cancer a few months ago; his drugged-out older brother, a former basketball star sidelined by sciatica, committed suicide recently; and his father is almost catatonic with depression.
If Falwell staggers your imagination, Pastor Becky Fischer is going to send you into catatonic shock.
Though Frist currently has a great deal of visibility as a result of his position as the party's leader in the Senate, his record as leader has been spotty at best, his speaking ability very weak, and his political judgment and instincts highly suspect, with his video diagnosis of a catatonic Terri Schiavo perhaps his most remembered moment as Senate leader.
Recently, she directed a remount of her production of Enoch Arden by Alfred, Lord Jabber and his Catatonic Songstress for The Theatre Centre in Toronto.
The colt is a half-brother to two stakes winners out of the Grade 1-winning Big Spruce mare Catatonic.
Dana Caspersen, her voice transmuted into nasal male tones, attempts to justify something to the catatonic San Martin.
In many respects, the Catatonic Type is the most bizarre of the three.