cataract surgery

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eye surgery that involves removing all or part of the lens and replacing it with an intraocular lens implant

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The national cataract surgery rates between 2005 and 2010 and the CSR targets for the period 2005--2010 were obtained from the DoH.
Twenty to 30 years ago, cataract surgery patients suffered through a painful operation that involved a 180-degree incision and eight to 10 stitches.
New advances and techniques in cataract surgery have made enormous improvements for patients -- resulting in shortened recovery periods, little or no discomfort, and nearly instantaneously restored sight.
The New Jersey Eye Center Ambulatory Surgery Center is New Jersey State's first licensed outpatient cataract surgery center, where outpatient cataract surgery is performed on-site, as well as surgery for glaucoma and laser surgery.
All older people develop cataracts, femtosecond lasers for cataract surgery improve the quality of the surgery in a dramatic manner.
The report provides value (USD million), volume (units) and average price (USD) data for each segment and sub-segment within seven market categories - Cataract Surgery Devices, Glaucoma Surgery Devices, Intraocular Lens (IOL), Ophthalmic Diagnostic Equipment, Refractive Surgery Devices, Vision Care and Vitreo Retinal Surgery Devices.
Speaking to a hearing of the public accounts committee on January 14, Sir Bruce acknowledged that: "We know that about 50% of PCTs have restricted access to cataract surgery, and we know that the bulk of policies used by PCTs have not used the best evidence to ration that care.
In this guide for students, surgeons, and researchers, contributors from India describe techniques for small incision cataract surgery (SICS) in 47 short chapters illustrated with color surgical photos and illustrations on almost every page.
A person with normal tension glaucoma can certainly undergo cataract surgery if desired.
If you'd like a videotape of your cataract surgery just let us know a few days prior to your date of surgery in our facility.
2 -- ran in Bulldog edition only) Chris Cavarozzi of Malibu pets his pal Parker before the diabetic Lab goes in for cataract surgery at the Animal Eye Clinic in Camarillo, one of the few facilities in Southern California specializing in veterinary ophthalmology.
LenSx is a highly technologically advanced option for Cataract patients and offers multiple advantages over traditional Cataract surgery.
Updates on cataract/lensectomy included lectures on femtosecond cataract surgery, multifocal and accommodative lens implants and postoperative cataract.
Surgical techniques in ophthalmology; cataract surgery.
The goal of the clinic is to prevent malnutrition through education, Strayer said, and to provide medical needs such as dental work, cataract surgery and cleft palate operations.
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