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a boy who submits to a sexual relationship with a man

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As Warren Bennett has noted, the patrons' focus on the barman's appearance ("You're fatter, James"), their affected language ("Don't neglect to insert the brandy, James") as well as Phil's later reference to them as catamites in a deleted fragment of the ending (Item 681), among other things, suggest that they are homosexuals (237).
It is full of catamites and character catastrophes, "all the sad young men" about whom Mabel Mercer used to sing, and they are lumped together with Toomey's wide range of heterosexual targets in this superficially sprawling but intricately crafted novel.
Right now in Afghanistan, for example, Pashtun warlords fondling their catamites no doubt would laugh out loud or perhaps reach for a dagger if someone called them "homosexuals.
Never mind what some catamites say about God and religion, it's still the best deal ever.
With his bunch of dead-head acolytes (or is it catamites that hang down from the ceiling?
Where Stern surrounds himself with a comedic Brains Trust of a team, who provide an uninterrupted flow of ideas, Evans has to rely on a bunch of Elvis Presley- style deadhead acolytes (or is it catamites that hang from the ceiling?
In her essay, "Of Catamites and Kings: Reflections on Butch, Gender, and Boundaries," Gayle Rubin emphasizes the torsional relationship between discourses of masculinity and "butch" or female masculinity.
To the extent that "real-life" catamites were employed as boy actors, these boys would bring with them a reputation for sodomy that included a larger cultural willingness to attribute homosexual desire to them as physical types.
bawds, mimics and catamites of the former court grew out of fashion
Like the catamite who seems intrinsically homoerotic, boys seem here by their nature to be theatrical beings.
Homosexual activists identify these as lesbians, sodomites, catamites, sado- masochists, and possibly pedophiles cohabiting from one to three years depending on the legislation targeted for "modernizing".