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a boy who submits to a sexual relationship with a man

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At the vigil a catamite attacks Encolpius at least twice: both verbs and phrases used to describe each attack strongly suggest that Encolpius was raped.
12 when she calls Socrates her "Endymion and Catamite," mythological references to young men which call ironic attention to the age of Socrates (he is not specifically called a senex, but this seems implied by his decrepit physical condition as described by Aristomenes), whereas the witch herself, described as being "of rather advanced age"(altioris aetatis) fantasizes that she is an innocent young maiden whom the older Socrates has deflowered (illusit aetatulam meam).
But what are we to assume about the ganymede or catamite himself?
2) Moreover, a citizen must always take the active role of pederast, never the passive one of catamite.
But before the naysayer could finish his spiteful diatribe, Crispus had drawn his flintlock rifle and shot the man, whom he had long suspected, and no doubt correctly, of spying for the British, and what's more, for being a catamite and a Mahometan.
Benjamin has managed to insinuate his way into the life of David Glendenning, a gay aristocrat who spends his days between Paris and Italy and likes to bring his catamite du jour along for the entertainment value.
As in the Greek and Latin sources, Ganymede is a beautiful mortal boy who is seized by Jove, taken to be his cup-bearer and, in some versions of the story, his catamite.
Every summer, the sort of people who need an hour to negotiate the one-minute carwash take their tin homes on wheels on a lethargic tour of England, and the nation's road system becomes as thrombotic as their own lard-clogged arteries until they reach their final destination: a field of mud where they sit in the rain for a week, mournfully eating Not Poodles in a galley kitchen that smells of butane and has barely enough space to swing a catamite, while watching David Attenborough nature programmes on their portable satellite television until it's time to go home again.
57) The uncertainty of his origins and the fluidity of his gender position means that he collapses into himself the roles of both the king and the catamite, Edward and Gaveston.
T]he Romans must have their warme bathes, their catamites, their dainty fare, and their bodyes suppled with oyle" (Exemplary 76).
Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor catamites, nor sodomites .
Mark is an American, but having lived in Europe most of my life, I think I'm right in saying that what Obama and his media catamites have to say about the rich I've been hearing all my life in the Old Continent.
And in the background, instead of a forlorn group of catamites and fornicators caught among sharp-beaked birds, there's a troupe of Miaos sliding down a parrot-and-penguin slippery dip and frolicking in a pond.
1) He does not moralize about catamites, is willing to recognize Ottoman cultural achievements, and does not assume a racial hierarchy in which "Turks" are necessarily barbarous and cruel.