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of or relating to menstruation or the menses


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Cavazos failed to note that the treatment for catamenial epilepsy might by danazol to suppress the cycle.
While there is no clear gold standard for patients with catamenial symptoms, there are treatment options that are somewhat beneficial.
Wallace's book "Living With Lung and Colon Endometriosis: Catamenial Pneumothorax" demonstrated the need for a call to action.
How common is this catamenial exacerbation of seizures?
Abstract: The prevalence of catamenial epilepsy has been difficult to determine for several reasons, including menstrual cycle variability and randomness of seizure occurrence, a high prevalence of seizure clustering in males and nonmenstruating females with epilepsy, and the lack of a definition of catamenial epilepsy in previous studies.
Catamenial seizures, also called catamenial epilepsy, occur in about one-third of all women with epilepsy.
Nasdaq: COCND) today announced the initiation of a Phase II open-label probe study of ganaxolone in patients with catamenial epilepsy, a type of seizure that occurs perimenstrually.
The variable stretch composites are useful for disposable and durable articles, such as disposable absorbent articles including diapers, pull-on diapers, training pants, incontinence briefs, catamenial garments, baby bibs, and the like, and durable articles like garments including sportswear, outerwear and the like.
3 /PRNewswire/ -- The Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE: PG) today announced that it has acquired the catamenial business of Higie Bras, a privately-held manufacturer of paper products based in Curitiba, Brazil.
Patented is a catamenial tampon comprising a bag-like conformable absorbent body.
A combination of a catamenial tampon applicator and tampon has been patented.
A catamenial tampon with enhanced leakage protection has been patented.
A package for a combination catamenial tampon and inserter was patented.
A catamenial pad especially suitable for absorbing menstrual fluids was patented.
Environmentally Friendly Catamenial Tampon Assembly And Method Of Construction: No.