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change by catalysis or cause to catalyze

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For example, the leaf extract of Atropa belladonna with its main agent 1-hyoscyamin develops a stronger effectiveness because of presence of the concomitant flavonol-triglycosides in the extract which act as resorption catalyzer (List et al.
The authors provide detailed explanations of the Edgy Catalyzer, the Visionary Motivator, the Measured Connector, the Tenacious Implementer and the Thoughtful Architect, listing the key descriptors, strategies and applications of each model.
Eberspacher was also experimenting with exhaust gases to try and get the catalyzer to heat up and begin operating earlier.
2] particles with the tetraethyl orthosilicate hydrolyzation procedure with ammonia as the catalyzer and PEG as the surfactant, according to the method reported elsewhere (17).
Systems feature Unison precision catalyst slave pump or optional C-400-N catalyzer.
EnviroFuels, LP recently announced that its diesel fuel catalyzer (DFC), a chemical compound for diesel engine fuel designed to reduce air pollution and improve fuel economy, has completed testing and received verification from the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Environmental Technology Verification Program.
Denoxium products are undergoing trials at this moment with both automobile and catalyzer manufacturers participating in them.
The frequent use of leaded fuel in lead-free designed vehicles would expose the car to different negative effects, particularly in the engine's catalyzer that enhance its exhaust-gas cleaning performance," said Eshaqat, who owns a car mechanics shop in Wadi El Seir area, southeast of Amman.
Usually, in the oxygen-deficient zone containing CaO and CO, CaO is a good catalyzer for CO to deoxidize NO to [N.
Le palamares officiel est disponible via le lien << Catalyzer July 26th >> sur le site www.
For instance, the exhaust pipes between motor and catalyzer must be free of spatter and oxide in order to prevent material splitter from breaking off and damaging the catalytic converter.
The intricate protocol of safety measures hand-written into Logofile can sense minute discrepancies in roaster, burner, catalyzer, and exhaust temperatures.
A more subtle link between "painting in poetry" and "emotion-scene fusion" is found in the traditional critical notion of shi-yan (literally, verseeye), the figurative (including synaesthetic) use of a key word in a line of a poem that serves as a semiotic catalyzer to generate expressive charges in descriptive imageries, evoke a special mood, or conjure up a synaesthetic illusion.
Unitus said it has selected 11 business accelerators and incubators which includes Catalyzer, Khosla Labs, IIM Calcutta, Deshpande Foundation and Startup Oasis as program partners.
Indonesian WiMax operator PT Internux introduced its migration to TD-LTE, which was regarded as a catalyzer for the migration from WiMax to TD-LTE.