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change by catalysis or cause to catalyze

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More developed pieces, such as Portland filmmakers Matt McCormick and Chris Larson performing lush yet lo-fi rock to McCormick's looping film of blue sky, gulls lifting and dropping in and out of the frame; or Israeli vocalist Victoria Hanna's riveting set, a virtuosic pop performance of Judaic texts and rituals, including a song made by eating apples and spitting/singing them back out, catalyzed a kind of attentiveness that made meaning happen.
I am excited to report that we are moving into the realm of high-volume manufacturing of our proprietary catalyzed substrates," said ESW president and CEO David Johnson.
m] value for sulfation of the R-(+)-enantiomer of 1-naphthyl-1-ethanol catalyzed by SULT2A1 was 3.
Sand Characteristics--In the phenolic urethane coldbox process, the reaction rate between the part 1 and part 2 is dramatically increased, of catalyzed, by the part 3 amine (which is a base).
This research investigates the anthraquinone (AQ) catalyzed chemithermomechanical pulping (CTMP) of aspen wood by using an interstage sulfonation process and compares the quality of pulp with that of black spruce thermomechanical pulp (TMP).
Bryan, Prodomain Mutations at the Subtilisin Interface: Correlation of Binding Energy and the Rate of Catalyzed Folding, Biochemistry 34(47), 15415-15420 (1995).
Enzyme Catalyzed Therapeutic Activation (ECTA) Technology
This (Washington State Transportation Center) study evaluates catalyzed hydrogen peroxide process modifications that enhance the full-scale development of catalyzed hydrogen peroxide soil treatment.
Let us suppose further that all the chemical reactions in the set must be catalyzed (facilitated by another molecule, a catalyst) if they are to proceed rapidly enough to keep the network going.
C-C or C-N Reactions Catalyzed by Diadamanthylphosphine Palladium Based Catalyst Supported on Dab-Dendrimers
Once it has been ten percent catalyzed with CA501 and diluted with water, Superfeel can be sprayed on using pneumatic or airmix guns in quantities of between 120-150 grams per meter squared, for up to a maximum of two coats.
Extensive and successful evaluations of MoldWiz INT-1117EL added to the recipe for EPDM compounds, including metallocene catalyzed and silica-filled elastomers, are said to have shown improved processing and release using this formula.
The invention also provides methods for assaying a synthetic receptor library to determine suitable synthetic receptor(s) which (a) bind an acceptor molecule; (b) exhibit biological activity; (c) which catalyze a reaction or inhibit a catalyzed reaction; and (d) separate compounds in chromatography.
Once each clump grew to about 500 metal atoms, the platinum catalyzed its own growth and formed large, branching sheets that spread over the surface of the liposomes.
This patented material is a very low-viscosity oligomer that is catalyzed by heat to polymerize into a standard PBT engineering thermoplastic.