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Synonyms for catalyse

change by catalysis or cause to catalyze

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The mothering of Cuchulain's son then becomes a catalyser for the narrative, moving it forward to the next point, rather than a cardinal unit because the focus of the remainder of the poem is upon the battle between the father and the son and Emer is not mentioned again.
The joint filling process involves the application of an oil based plaster mixed with a catalyser that cures in 30 min.
The new dual injector system also uses half the amount of rare metals in the catalyser while maintaining the efficiency of the catalytic conversion system.
7 engine, exhaust/evap emissions and fuel consumption have been aligned with future Euro 5 regulations for Europe and LEV2 standards for the USA, partly thanks to the adoption of an innovative metallic matrix catalyser with perforated sheets (Turbulent PE Catalyst), which is both permeable and reliable but does not affect performance.
The presence of a university which had broadband for a long time acts as catalyser in the environment and impulse the wide adoption of this service.
La table ronde a eu pour resultat, entre autres choses, au developpement d'une position kenyane sur le Financement pour Le Developpement et l'Autonomisation de la Femme et la Fille, ce qui a aide a catalyser une reponse regionale coherente par Les femmes africaines au sein de La societe civile autour des conclusions du processus de la CSF.
Part of this extra weight can be attributed to the new catalyser, and a slightly larger fuel tank that now holds 18.
A mixture of 60% resin, 40% styrene, and 18 drops of catalyser, was used for impregnate.
L'etude du phenomene religieux postule generalement que les dieux sont en effet des etres fictifs, qu'ils ne sauraient changer le cours de l'Histoire, meme par une simple chiquenaude destinee a catalyser la mutation des consciences .
Even when it has a great thing going, it might now choose to sell it on, as it has done with catalyser Synetix to Johnson Matthey.
Un caucus de genre comprenant des groupes et des organisations de femmes africaines dans le domaine des TIC a aussi ete institue pour catalyser les droits des femmes et s'organiser en vue du Sommet Mondial de la Societe de l'Information.
WHO says its contribution was in "its energy and prestige as a catalyser of global efforts bringing together scientists, governments, health workers, and ordinary citizens," and that "technical difficulties.
This diesel is also so clean on the emission front it does not require a catalyser while it will return fuel consumption figures of around 30mpg.
The Government is preparing plans to offer a pounds 500 cut in commercial-vehicle excise duty if a catalyser to trap particulates be fitted.
Halfords garage servicing operation warns: "Poor starting and constant cranking leaves unburned fuel in the catalyser, which can cause damage.