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change by catalysis or cause to catalyze

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The mothering of Cuchulain's son then becomes a catalyser for the narrative, moving it forward to the next point, rather than a cardinal unit because the focus of the remainder of the poem is upon the battle between the father and the son and Emer is not mentioned again.
NAER does not merely want to be an agora or forum for research results, but also to start them, becoming a promoter and a catalyser as well as a medium of communication.
There is considerable evidence that financial reporting of SMEs serves as an important catalyser for a number of indirect benefits, which M.
The vehicle features a short silencer located under the engine, and is equipped with a built-in three-way catalyser, which complies with the 2007 Japanese national emissions regulations for motorcycles.
It is necessary to fully exploit the potential of funds as catalyser of politics of equality of chances between women and men.
The joint filling process involves the application of an oil based plaster mixed with a catalyser that cures in 30 min.
The core business of EVS is the description and interpretation on vegetation patterns in Europe, acting as catalyser of unification of conceptual and terminological tools over now united Europe, and serving as forum for development of a new platform for descriptive vegetation science and theoretical vegetation science.
The system also uses half the amount of rare metals in the catalyser while maintaining the efficiency of the catalytic conversion system.
The new dual injector system also uses half the amount of rare metals in the catalyser while maintaining the efficiency of the catalytic conversion system.
In the catalysis area, crystalline mesoporous materials are more efficient than conventional catalyser due to their high surface area and also because these materials present more accessible active sites [9].
7 engine, exhaust/evap emissions and fuel consumption have been aligned with future Euro 5 regulations for Europe and LEV2 standards for the USA, partly thanks to the adoption of an innovative metallic matrix catalyser with perforated sheets (Turbulent PE Catalyst), which is both permeable and reliable but does not affect performance.
The hypothesis that seemed to us to be an ambiguity transformed itself in catalyser.
La table ronde a eu pour resultat, entre autres choses, au developpement d'une position kenyane sur le Financement pour Le Developpement et l'Autonomisation de la Femme et la Fille, ce qui a aide a catalyser une reponse regionale coherente par Les femmes africaines au sein de La societe civile autour des conclusions du processus de la CSF.
Part of this extra weight can be attributed to the new catalyser, and a slightly larger fuel tank that now holds 18.
A mixture of 60% resin, 40% styrene, and 18 drops of catalyser, was used for impregnate.