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Synonyms for catalog

a series, as of names or words, printed or written down

to register in or as if in a book

Synonyms for catalog

a book or pamphlet containing an enumeration of things

make a catalogue, compile a catalogue


Related Words

make an itemized list or catalog of

References in classic literature ?
Come, you two, don't quarrel over Eaton's catalogue," said Anne gaily.
No; YOU get the paper, and the pencil, and the catalogue, and George write down, and I'll do the work.
I have no space (in that little room) to catalogue all the whim-whams with which she had made it beautiful, from the hand-sewn bell-rope which pulled no bell to the hand-painted cigar-box that contained no cigars.
If the reader desires to make acquaintance with the associates of my captivity, I must refer him to "Scenes of Modern Prison Life," by Thersites Junior, now doubtless extremely scarce, but producible to the demands of patience and perseverance, I should imagine, if anybody will be so obliging as to pass a week or so over the catalogue of the British Museum.
At the desire of my noble and gracious patron, the lord of this glorious edifice, I next ascend to the second floor, and continue my catalogue or description of the pictures, decorations, and other treasures of art therein contained.
I shall shake my head when you write, if you don't do it better than you did in making out this catalogue.
I remember, in the catalogue, being impressed by the title, "The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle.
So may we say to the memory of this worthy knight," says Fuller, "'Repose yourself in this our Catalogue under what topic you please, statesman, seaman, soldier, learned writer or what not.
A small catalogue of evils, even if the perpetrators of them are few in number.
Here hath been my lord--," and then she repeated over a catalogue of names and titles, many of which we might, perhaps, be guilty of a breach of privilege by inserting.
It was a solemn thing, to hear, in the darkened room, the feeble voice of the sick child recounting a weary catalogue of evils and calamities which hard men had brought upon him.
Getting suppliers on-board, creating catalogues, and managing catalog data is the #1 impediment to eProcurement and supply-chain implementations" stated Ken Farber, President of ePlus Systems and Content Services.
Now with the help of Stibo Catalog, HellermannTyton, a leading manufacturer of cable management products, is harmonising its catalogues and setting new goals for customer retention and acquisition.
Inventory Cross Reference - This inventory function simplifies the product search by automatically identifying equivalent product codes, when products appear on multiple manufacturers' catalogues, under different codes, or cross-referenced to their own product codes.
ACS) announced Wednesday its plans to develop two new electronic CD-ROM catalogues to be released in 1996.