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Synonyms for catalogue

Synonyms for catalogue

a book or pamphlet containing an enumeration of things

make an itemized list or catalog of

make a catalogue, compile a catalogue


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The campaign will award five catalog companies with a grand-prize of 100 tons of paper to reach approximately 500,000 new prospects for a typical cataloger.
Set goals for increased productivity: Although the cataloging department did not normally have cataloging quotas or production norms in place, all participating catalogers received an expected level of work for the duration of this project.
The geotextile information was harder to find, so the catalogers did a search of the Naval Inventory Control Point Supply Center--Philadelphia's web site that provided a number along with a description of the geotextile's uses.
Many small catalogers use high recycled contents, but because they often cater to an environmentally conscious clientele, it's the industry giants that activists are targeting.
OCLC, ISM Library Technical Services, other standalone contract cataloging agencies or freelance catalogers) are increasingly interested in hiring librarian catalogers with expertise with particular languages, formats of material (e.
In 1994, most catalogers had a good year," said Benjamin Perez, president of Millard Group, a Peterborough, N.
The use of the Internet by catalogers as a tool for locating cataloging documentation and other information is not a new development; articles and surveys have been published on the topic for at least a decade.
March 8 /PRNewswire/ -- A "Space Ad Customer Acquisition Program" developed by Mokrynski Direct and STG Media, takes space ads, used by catalogers in national magazines for years, to a whole new level.
Before him, naturalists were catalogers of species, usually examined when dead.
Soldier Creek Press, 1988), has been a familiar and friendly tool for music catalogers and music catalog users, and we are now fortunate to have an updated and improved edition.
For most of this century, catalogers and catalog administrators have struggled with the concept of quality cataloging.
With Ecometry, we've created a very compelling offering for catalogers and direct marketers," Willoughby said.