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a person suffering from catalepsy

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Recognizing that such moments of recognition are the result of both "discovery" and "creation," Nussbaum asserts in a discussion of Proust that the "blinding moment of cataleptic knowledge, like any other break in the walls of habit, has the feeling of eternity, of the whole of life
These are silleptic innovation shoots or cataleptic innovation shoots, respectively (Rua, 1999; Vegetti, 2003).
Reports of Haitians buried in a cataleptic states and later revived for enslavement--for example, the 1980 case of Clairvius Narcisse--have been credible enough to prompt several scientific investigations.
Venturing yet further into the traps Ettlinger's madness has sprung, we learn that trauma has made Princess Hedwiga herself subject to cataleptic fits during which she becomes an automaton.
5 Dissociative sedation is a trance-like cataleptic state characterised by profound analgesia and amnesia with retention of protective airway reflexes, spontaneous respiration and cardiopulmonary stability.
After passing through several roomfuls of cataleptic drawings on angled dividers, which intentionally separated viewers from each other, one might have felt as if he or she had reached the apex of total isolation--and felt, too, how fragile is the membrane separating inner and outer worlds, real and imagined, sane and schizoid.
Typically, cataleptic episodes are brief, lasting a few seconds to a few minutes.
The circular structure of his malady--he reads about premature burials, becomes afraid of premature burials, and as a result becomes subject to cataleptic trances that place him at risk for premature burial--establishes it as an allegorical signifier, in that it functions by referring to other signs in a process that is avowedly inorganic and arbitrary.
2006:183) imipramine is also considered the drug of choice for the treatment of cataleptic episodes associated with narcolepsy.
With our provisions packed away, refreshments at the ready, pre-drilled holes cleared, and lines baited, we eagerly began the cataleptic rituals of lift-and-drop, and stare-at-the-tip-ups that were sure to give us winter walleyes of enormous proportions.
After males dismount, females can remain motionless in a cataleptic state for varying periods (several sec up to 40 min) (Costa 1979).
The narrator calls it: "the cataleptic emanations of the brain which in some instances spread from the mouth of the person in a trance over the whole table, filled the whole room, a floating, rarefied tissue, an astral dough, on the borderline between body and soul.
The unusual cataleptic trances that Hopkins observed in Suffield were part of a broader phenomenon that frequently attended the powerful sermons preached by itinerating evangelists like Edwards, Wheelock, and Pomeroy.
If the Chinese prove themselves capable of salvaging businesses as cataleptic as Amtrak and the NHL, then they will truly prove themselves to be economic adversaries to be feared.
By use of the balancing conjunction but in the same passage, this death image of the cataleptic Taylor is weighed against the image of the athletic middle-aged gentleman who can "play six Hours at Cricket on Banstead-Down, without Fatigue or Lowness, and [is] more active and clear in his Faculties and Senses than ever he [has] been in his Life before" (336).