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a trancelike state with loss of voluntary motion and failure to react to stimuli

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5) "Point de penseurs profonds, point d'imaginations ardentes qui ne soient sujets a des catalepsies momentanees.
Fixity of ideas was also a defining characteristic of cataleptics, a patient group that Tissot examined in his Traite de la catalepsie, de l'extase, de la migraine, et des maladies du cerveau (1780), part of his multivolume Traite des nerfs.
One factor in the linking of catalepsy with female hysteria was skepticism over the claims made by magnetizers like the Lyon doctor Henri-Desire Petetin, author of Memoire sur la decouverte des phenomenes que presentent la catalepsie et le somnabulisme (1787), which recounted cases of female cataleptics whose symptoms included heightened intelligence and the ability to see and even smell through their internal organs.
18) Pierre Dionis, Dissertation sur la mort subite et sur la catalepsie, avec la relation de plusieurs personnes qui en ont ete attaquees, 2nd ed.
56) Claude Etienne Bourdin, Traite de la catalepsie (Paris: Librairie des sciences medicales, 1841), 6.