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a decorated bier on which a coffin rests in state during a funeral

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a gloomy mansion, sepulchral churches, dimly illuminated catafalques and paintings of saints, dismal rainy streets, a generally cloistered atmosphere) that originated as literary tropes of the "gothic" strain of Romanticism in the late eighteenth century.
The coffins of officers Salih Sezer, Onur Euzkaya, Salih Atalay and Zeynel Euzbahceci were taken from morgue of a state hospital and placed in catafalques before the ceremony.
with rain, by the compressors the catafalques groaning, you say
In the end, the two blue coffins of the young suicides stood beside each other in the mortuary in Grofibotenfeld on two catafalques resting on rubber wheels.
For his point of departure, he brings into dialogue Diego Velazquez's Las Meninas and Miguel de Cervantes's famous burlesque sonnet on Philip II's tomb as bold examples of that demystification: both works point to the ultimate insubstantiality of the sovereign of official imagery--whether state portraits (such as Velazquez's own equestrian paintings) or monumental catafalques (like the one mocked by Cervantes).
Across the glaze where fish swim, over the loose-knit waves in hopscotch-black, borders of fish-eye and cross-stitch, chestnut trees throw shadows: candles, catafalques and barques and lord knows what, what ghost of ancient seacraft, what river-going name we give to shadows.
Tap: the catafalques and apiaries where crazies cry