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We had passed through walls of piled bones, with casks and puncheons intermingling, into the inmost recesses of catacombs.
Its walls had been lined with human remains, piled to the vault overhead, in the fashion of the great catacombs of Paris.
I placed my hand upon the solid fabric of the catacombs, and felt satisfied.
My heart grew sick on account of the dampness of the catacombs.
He is in a very picturesque place -- do you know the catacombs of St.
Your excellency," said Peppino, addressing the count, "if you will follow me, the opening of the catacombs is close at hand.
Five corridors diverged like the rays of a star, and the walls, dug into niches, which were arranged one above the other in the shape of coffins, showed that they were at last in the catacombs.
It is not improbable, then, from what you have explained," said he, "that among the catacombs near the Nile there may exist other mummies of the Scarabaeus tribe, in a condition of vitality?
The primeval world,--the Fore-World, as the Germans say, --I can dive to it in myself as well as grope for it with researching fingers in catacombs, libraries, and the broken reliefs and torsos of ruined villas.
We passed the night in Punta Alta, and I employed myself in searching for fossil bones; this point being a perfect catacomb for monsters of extinct races.
It was the Tomb of many fortunes; the Great Catacomb of investment; the memorable United States Bank.
14 at an event celebrating the Pact of the Catacombs, a symbolic agreement made among some 40 global bishops at the end of the Second Vatican Council to live and work for a "church of the poor.
However, I do still have my membership card from The Catacombs - Johnny Marsden's first nightclub - on what is now Southgate, opposite the tax offices.
Airbnb is offering two brave souls the chance to sleep 65-feet beneath Paris in the Catacombs on October 31.