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Synonyms for catacomb

a burial place or receptacle for human remains

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an underground tunnel with recesses where bodies were buried (as in ancient Rome)

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A team from Cardiff University, led by Dr Paul Nicholson, revealed their grisly findings during ongoing excavations of an ancient catacomb under the Saqqara desert near Giza.
from a catacomb turned crib, just the filigreed event
The 27-year-old singer has just finished filming European horror flick Catacomb.
Early Christians apparently drew on Jewish influences in catacomb construction, the investigators argue in the July 21 Nature.
There is not a catacomb nor a priest's hole in all the land, not a burning court nor a pogrom nor an inquisition, nor one small, fearful group whispering prayers behind a locked door.
Another major shortcoming of this book is the absence of any photos and little or no reference to the relevance of this huge corpus of material to the development of Christian art, which is especially pertinent in reference to the Christian catacomb frescoes, sarcophagi, and relief sculpture.
The earlier catacomb inscriptions are mainly in Greek, the lingua franca in trade tying the West to the East.
Cecilia was buried in a catacomb but her body was removed to her titular church in Trastevere where, surviving several exhumations and much alteration to the ninth-century church fabric, it remains today.
The area is consequently free from burial plots though there are underground catacomb chambers.
A group of Catholics say people will certainly know more after taking the Google catacomb tour: They say the catacombs hold evidence of ancient women priests.
Washington, June 23 (ANI): The oldest known portraits of Jesus Christ's apostles have been found in a catacomb near St.
catacomb (n): an underground passageway or cemetery.
The catacomb of San Pietro e Marcellino (Saints Peter and Marcellinus hereafter) extends to almost 3ha with 4.
249, The New Catacomb, The Silver Hatcher, The Striped Chest, and The Terror of Blue John Gap, The Best Horror Stories Of Arthur Conan Doyle is an outstanding compendium of horrific tales guaranteed to haunt the dreams and imaginations of even the most stout of heart.