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strained or paradoxical use of words either in error (as 'blatant' to mean 'flagrant') or deliberately (as in a mixed metaphor: 'blind mouths')

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In rhetorical terms at issue here is the effort to purge one's discourse of catachreses.
According to Pietz, such catachreses may, however, be impossible to avoid.
The medieval topos of the world-upside-down is expanded in a series of catachreses (one of Platonic antiquity, from the Symposium) which invent an eagle's view of the would curiously in accord with a scientific theory of energy transformations.
Miller's strategy is to pass through the mimetic mirror trailing a thread (a gift from his book's namesake) that marks the way out of the labyrinth of fleeting catachreses and reminds him, while there, that characters are only illusions cast up by the semiotic process.
While it may be trite to continue to carp at the alienating terminology of Spivak's criticism (terms such as catachreses, metalepsis, paleonomy, axiogical, and chromatism) -- for which one has yet to find an adequate glossary -- this text is mercifully free of much of the special usage that makes Spivak, largely as a deconstructionist, inaccessible.