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subject to catabolism

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Poor nitrogen retention may delay replacement of catabolized tissue components and affect the animal's ability to survive rehabilitative efforts.
Muscle is catabolized for glucose production (gluconeogenesis) early in this phase, with additional protein breakdown from the metabolically active tissues that have been wounded surgically.
Unlike Cr, which undergoes proximal tubular secretion in addition to filtration, CysC is freely filtered in the glomerulus and >99% is reabsorbed and catabolized in proximal tubular cells.
Heme is a biomolecule synthesized and catabolized in the mitochondria (Ponka 1999) suggesting that catechin-associated decrease in cytosolic heme levels is a consequence of catechin-associated increase in mitochondrial heme levels consistent with our earlier work (Cueno et al.
30-34) Light chains are normally catabolized in the apical portions of the proximal tubules by endosomes.
It passes freely through the glomerular membrane, is completely reabsorbed and catabolized in the tubules.
It is later reabsorbed and almost completely catabolized in the proximal renal tubule [13].
This complexity of the situation is that altered hepatic function increases the risk of 5FU concentration (since it is catabolized in the liver cells), which in turn adds to the hepatic damage.
Adenine nucleotides are catabolized to hypoxanthine during ischemic insult.
6) The ATP-creatine phosphate system is significantly depleted within 10-20 seconds, and therefore cytosolic glucose and glycogen are anaerobically catabolized (glycolysis pathway) to provide the muscles with ATPs to maintain the activity, with ultimate accumulation of pyruvic acid or lactic acid.
Bacteria can metabolize various types of substrates; however, some compounds cannot be catabolized.
Some of the organic carbon is respired by mussels as carbon dioxide, and catabolized proteins are excreted as ammonium; however, inorganic loading is often not measured for regulatory compliance in jurisdictions where salmon aquaculture occurs, including marine waters in Canada.
Urea is the nitrogen compound produced when amino acids are catabolized for energy supply.
40] Once FDG is phosphorylated, structural changes made by a hexose-phosphate bond prevent FDG from being catabolized or transported back into the extracellular space in substantial amounts.
Normally, free light chains that are synthesized are quickly filtered out and/or catabolized by the kidneys.