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breakdown in living organisms of more complex substances into simpler ones together with release of energy

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Here we evaluated whether the quinolinic branch and/or the transamination side branch of the kynurenine pathway of Trp catabolism (leading to Quin or Kyna, respectively; Figure 1), become activated in severely ill patients who develop sepsis, and whether the increase of circulating Kyns results from impaired renal function.
We hypothesized that increased plasma PCSK9 concentrations in humans are associated with decreased LDL catabolism.
Although it is widely accepted that the pathogenesis of cholesterol granuloma involves anaerobic catabolism of blood and blood products, the source of blood products within the temporal bone and clivus remains a topic of discussion.
We investigated whether the age-related impairment of cardiac fatty acid catabolism occurs, at least partially, through diminished levels of L-carnitine, which would adversely affect carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1 (CPT1), the rate-limiting enzyme for fatty acyl-CoA uptake into mitochondria for beta]-oxidation.
In addition polyamine catabolism has considerable attention largely because generates a secondary messenger and a signaling molecule [H.
The possibility of endogenous neurotransmitter synthesis by actinide based primitive organism like archaea with a mevalonate pathway and cholesterol catabolism was considered in EMF and systemic diseases like neuoronal degeneration, psychiatric disease, metabolic syndrome x, autoimmune disease and malignancy [5-8].
Alcohol could raise these levels in both premenopausal and postmenopausal women by increasing aromatize activity, decreasing hepatic catabolism of androgens, or affecting adrenal steroid production.
My interest in bilirubin, a product of heme catabolism in mammals, was sparked by 2 momentous and interrelated events in 1983.
Threonine catabolism takes place in the liver, mainly through two major pathways (Bird and Nunn, 1983) based on the enzymes threonine dehydratase (TDH, EC 4.
Multiple medications including corticosteroids, azole antifungals, HIV drugs, and anticonvulsants cause enhanced vitamin D catabolism and increase the risk for vitamin D deficiency.
Prevention of T cell-driven complement activation and inflammation by tryptophan catabolism during pregnancy.
These effects, which were observed in mice fed both high-fat and standard diets, appeared to be mediated by PPAR[alpha]-dependent activation of hepatic fatty acid catabolism without apparent involvement of PPAR[beta] or PPAR[gamma].
Among specific topics are catabolism and metabolic fueling processes, growth nutrients and diversity, the regulation of secondary metabolism in bacteria, analyzing structure and flux in metabolic networks, Escherichia coli, filamentous fungi, and mammalian cells.
Ingesting carbohydrate or protein products before exercise may increase insulin levels, in turn decreasing exercise-induced catabolism.