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Synonyms for cat-o'-nine-tails

a whip with nine knotted cords


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He is beaten with a stick and flogged for 10 minutes with cat-o'-nine-tails tipped with metal and bone.
Sailors and the cat-o'-nine-tails were on intimate terms.
As the story progresses, he witnesses a beating with a cat-o'-nine-tails, survives the requisite storm, recoils from the blood of battle, and huddles with mates in a pigsty.
For crying out loud, put down that cat-o'-nine-tails and pay attention.
Whether we're speaking of stinko fathers beating their sons with cat-o'-nine-tails or the same boys forcing neighborhood girls into sex, the ritualistic humiliation of people suspected of being gay or the often violent harassment of people who happened to be brown or black, the type of community that existed in my old neighborhood - and in countless other Chicago-area neighborhoods in the 1950s - is not necessarily something we should look to for inspiration, much less try to emulate.
Sentences of penal servitude now became sentences of hard labour, with the criminal receiving 25 strokes from the cat-o'-nine-tails when he went into prison, and 25 strokes when he came out.
I'd like to have the cat-o'-nine-tails set in operation, that would stop these thugs breaking into people's houses.