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sleeping for a short period of time (usually not in bed)

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The eight-year-old Burmese cat sleeps alongside three-year-old Kenzie and even lets her clean his teeth.
Also remember how much time a cat sleeps during the day, enjoying their own company as much as the company of their owners.
NOTICE that your cat sleeps in your bed more often than your spouse.
QOUR cat sleeps in a chair at night, but comes into our bedroom every morning at 5am precisely.
If your cat sleeps on top of the refrigerator, give him a more desirable location such as a comfy cat bed on a window perch.
The cat sleeps on my mum's bed and it has a litter tray in her bedroom.
To combat the problem the vet prescribed a plug-in device that will give off positive pheromones close to where the cat sleeps.
She admits the cat sleeps on her bed when she's out so of course, I had a bad reaction and couldn't make love.
And Beverley Riddle's cat sleeps on a mink coat because of her uncontrollable urge.
Each night the cat sleeps outside on a wicker chair, " said Selena, who also has two other sons - Lewis, aged 10, and seven-year-old Keenan.
If your cat sleeps in your bedroom and is not prone to gaining weight, try keeping a bowl of food in your bedroom so he can eat it when he awakens instead of waking you up.
You can also do this before going to sleep for the night--whether or not your cat sleeps on the bed with you.