cat burglar

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a burglar who unlawfully breaks into and enters another person's house


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A neighbour said: "A cat burglar has hit eight about SPEAKING YESTERDAY AT HIS HOUSE properties in three weeks.
Karoline (with a K) has a smile bigger than a cat burglar with two pussies (As my grandmama used to say; it's an odd phrase but then she was an odd woman.
A FUGITIVE cat burglar aged just 14 has been given a last chance after going on the run.
A new cat burglar named Tornado is padding about, stealing national treasures, and itAAEs only a matter of time before Clouseau is literally plucked from the gutter to save the jour.
That is, she seemed that way until you saw the secret smile dancing around her lips while she went about her theft as a longtime cat burglar.
Suco de Tangerina" bobs along to a reggae pulse topped with a dash of spy music, "Off the Grid" recalls the blaxploitation scores of Curtis Mayfield, and "Dramastically Different" scampers along like a jet-set cat burglar caper yanked off '60s TV.
Police caught the cat burglar and returned him to his owner.
Scott Richmond left the charity ball that bored him early only to confront a cheeky teenage female cat burglar taking his mother's jewels from the family safe.
The company has been winning friends around the country with their touring shows for four years and yesterday they kept up Mac's proud tradition of guaranteed fun for kids - they never pick a dudOur kids were surprised to discover as they took their curtain call that Ian Sanders and Katy Secombe were the only two performers, not counting a really manky cat burglar and the undoubted star of show, a big floppy baby looking just like the one in the book.
THOUSAND OAKS - Kat Plummer's defensive skills, which produced 104 steals in 28 regular-season games with the Thousand Oaks High girls' water polo team, earned the junior the nickname ``the cat burglar.
The elusive cat burglar would usually enter through a window and then take money, credit cards, purses, and even cars while his victims were sleeping.
The leader, Bazie, a cripple from the Tedrel Wars, teaches Skif to be a fair pickpocket but soon realizes Skif's real gift is as a cat burglar.
When a multi-million dollar Rembrandt is stolen by a single masked and daring cat burglar from an elaborately guarded office on the 70th floor of a Manhattan building, Virginia "Gin" Baker (Zeta-Jones), the insurance investigator, who specializes in such thefts, is certain it is Mac's work and convinces her boss (Will Patton) to let her pose as a thief and set an elaborate trap for him.
In Mexico, ever since middleweight champion Santo appeared masked, caped and bare-chested in a string of films in the 1950s and 1960s, lucha libre has never looked back, (Improbably Santo based his ring persona on Simon Templar, the cat burglar protagonist in series of British books that became movies, as well as The Saint television series starring Roger Moore.
Spell Check: The only thing Grandmama loved more than resting on her bed of nails: cooking up love spells, like Love Potion 666, and, ahem, tasty treats for the family, like the infamous yak stew that turned Gomez into a sleepwalking cat burglar.