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a receptacle for cat excrement

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MEET Roxanne, a young tabby cat, found dumped in a cat box outside Huddersfield PDSA.
Jenny is organising a cat box for him and we'll leave him in the dressing room.
The system, which was launched in March, includes a cat box with a perforated base, a bag of nonabsorbent particulate substrate pellets, and a four-pack of absorbent pads.
Called Breeze, the system includes: a cat box that has a perforated base and protected tray; a scoop; a bag of non-absorbent particulate substrate; and a four-pack of absorbent pads.
Use the paper under the cat box filled with Feline Pine biodegradable litter?
The man from the corner shop came out with a cat box explaining his mother had been feeding him.
This is the momentum of YouTube and MySpace rolled into one, because the Internet generation has already decided the printed word is basically good for nothing but lining the cat box.
A cat box was found at the side of a road - crushed - but with no sign of the cat.
Though dogs with coprophagia may eat only deer droppings, cat box contents, horse manure and the like, people are most horrified (and frustrated) with dogs who eat their own or other dogs' stools.
Now married with two young children, Williams cooks, does dishes and laundry, mows the grass, and cleans the cat box, says his wife, Lauren.
They may be victims of what I call the cat box factor.
The place stunk like a huge cat box, and the animals appeared sulking, bored and disinterested.
79 [pounds sterling]) and a Whiskas Cat Box with a harlequin ball (rsp 2.
Based on three months of intensive analysis and almost six months of store testing, the companies have redefined category management practices for the cat box filler (CBF) category.