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any of various gems (as chrysoberyl or chalcedony) that reflect light when cut in a rounded shape

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Following the directives of Deputy Commissioner Islam Zaib, Additional Assistant Commissioner Salahud Din along with Road Inspector of Communication and Works department Riaz Khan and local police visited Warsak road and removed all cat's eye on public complaints.
The post The flickers in a cat's eye appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Percy Shaw made a fortune inventing cat's eyes reflectors which are used on roads nationwide and in other parts of the world.
1 Bridge detail, PS12, ASOS, 2 AJ Morgan cat's eye, PS15, ASOS, 3 Animal print with arm detail, PS18, River Island, 4 Pink arm with tortoiseshell frame, PS24, Butterfly by Matthew Williamson for Debenhams
Students may think the cat's eye is more like the bicycle reflector because cat's eyes have mirror-like membranes inside them that send light in different directions.
Our target is NGC 6543, the prized Cat's Eye Nebula in Draco.
Since a cat's eye color depends on several genetic factors, one set of feline parents can produce a wide range of eye colors in their kittens.
Girard-Perregaux has launched its latest Cat's Eye watch, worth Dh3.
Written (or perhaps co-written with feline assistance) by a cat lover, for cat lovers, A Cat's Eye View of Life and Love by Sterling with Gentle Self-Help for All Ages is a narrative from the first-person (first-feline?
Dr Speakman said: ``I find it hard to believe that anybody could stand back and watch the cat's eye deteriorate in this fashion without getting further veterinary advice.
My rainbow flew out; his cat's eye shooter stayed in.
A cat's eye has a top and bottom lid, just as your eye has.
Despite an obvious display of science in her popular novel Cat's Eye, there has been little examination of this aspect of Atwood's work, with the exception of an admirable chapter in Susan Strehle's Fiction in the Quantum Universe (1992) which examines Atwood's use of physics in Cat's Eye as it relates to subject-object relations.
An agreement with VBox to use their Cat's Eye PC-TV receiver to view, store and replay premium digital HDTV broadcast content on PCs.