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Synonyms for casuistic

of or relating to or practicing casuistry


of or relating to the use of ethical principles to resolve moral problems


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Conal Condren begins with an examination of the conception of 'reason of state', which he argues was not a coherent vision, let alone an 'ideology', but rather a series of casuistic moves and adjustments that drew on wider contemporary conceptions and practices of ethical conduct.
The third element we emphasise is the introduction of casuistics in moral thought: such an approach to economic activities, within the framework of probability and uncertainty, constitutes a major theoretical innovation of the Spanish doctors, which remained unexplored, perhaps until its new significance obtained in the context of the Keynesian revolution three centuries later.
After a careful re-examination of the individual casuistics with hepatototxic events, only in case the direct association of liver failure after re-exposition can be assumed, and in eight cases out of 27 a possible connection can be envisaged (Teschke, 2002; Schmidt and Nahrstedt 2002, Teschke et al.
Our casuistics show an incidence peak out of the characteristic seasonal period, thus showing the need to observe more series of cases further in order to know whether that fact has occurred independently.