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someone whose reasoning is subtle and often specious


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First, deputies generally agreed that excluding the relatives of emigres from voting or holding elected office contravened the constitution, even though a majority casuistically defended the measure by arguing "that an apparent breach can sometimes conform to its spirit and be necessary for its defense," and so reduced application of this law strictly to emigres and their relatives.
No court in this country would protect a government employee who adopted one of the outlandish stances that Judge Kozinski so casuistically suggests.
Such flabby contemporary thought now hails him for having been social or progressive, casuistically combining capitalism and socialism and defending liberty until it needs to be attacked.
Casuistically, it is the starting point for a set of questions Ignatieff advocates asking of each proposed coercive counterterror measure.
Unless, casuistically, Evans excluded Derby from the category of "Republican leaders" because he was not "prominent" or excluded her visit with Derby because she went to call on him, rather than vice versa, it is difficult not to read this statement as a lie designed to preserve her reputation as a Confederate loyalist and to elicit Curry's sympathy for her sacrifices on behalf of the Lost Cause.
374), Warwick reasons casuistically to the countess that "Honour is often lost and got again" (2.