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Synonyms for casualty



Synonyms for casualty

an unexpected and usually undesirable event

one that is made to suffer injury, loss, or death


a termination of life, usually as the result of an accident or a disaster

Synonyms for casualty

someone injured or killed or captured or missing in a military engagement

someone injured or killed in an accident

Related Words

an accident that causes someone to die

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When we heard of the decision to increase troop strength in November, most of us realized that we faced the real possibility of caring for casualties.
Based on my experience in Panama, I advised the surgeons to be prepared to care for casualties in tents for up to several hours while the rest of the hospital set up.
It could begin to receive and treat casualties 30 minutes after starting to set up and could begin major surgery within an hour.
The arguments were divided between "going light," and therefore fast, to get some--any--forward surgical capability where casualties could begin to receive care as quickly as possible, and "going heavy" to get as much capability forward as possible to care for large numbers of casualties.
In decisions dealing with the nonbusiness casualties of individual taxpayers, the courts eventually sided with the taxpayer and allowed a deduction when a claim was not filed.