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a male singer who was castrated before puberty and retains a soprano or alto voice

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The physical ramifications of emasculation transformed the castrati into extraordinary figures.
Castrati also sang female roles and for Porpora's florid and rousing Nobil onda Bartoli donned crinoline flounces and ostrich feathers - both diva and divo.
The musical context is deepened, also, by examining Hemingway's ancestral connection both to church music and, remotely, to the castrati, castrated young boys whose vocal talents irrevocably altered the development of music in the Western church.
Winkler gives an impressively nuanced reading to such ambiguous musical characters as Shakespeare's Ophelia and Purcell and Tate's Dido, and by the end accounts for the ambivalent attitude toward the Italian castrati who took London's theatrical world by storm by positioning them in the same framework.
Because I had to cut off the supply, I couldn't rinse my teeth with warm water, and cold makes the nerves sing like castrati.
That was in 1755 after which Garrick was much more careful: no more turning Shakespeare into ballad opera and no more castrati at Drury Lane.
For our return journey, we drove into Avignon - to explore the magnificent Palace des Papes in early evening, where the battlements formed stunning silhouettes and the highly-pitched voice of a castrati echoed around the ramparts.
Individual topics include the nature of translations made by Aphra Behn, the use of cosmetics in France and England, modernity in Jane Barker's Galesia Trilogy, The Wealth of Nations in the 1790s, antislavery poetry, and an approach to the study of castrati based in the theoretical approach of Michel de Certeau's The writing of history.
The amazing cultural popularity of castrati in the seventeenth and
They are singer Martyn Jacques who went out into the world and trained himself to give forth in a castrati voice of heartbreaking beauty; drummer Adrian Huge, who was once described as ``James Joyceon drums'' and double bass player Adrian Stout.
It was usually an indigent father who would have one of his sons castrated in hopes of fame and fortune for the boy: castrati were more desirable than women singers to both impresarios and the public (but ironically also, at times, as lovers to women).
Having presented a remarkably sympathetic picture of eunuchs in Eunuchs in the Ming Dynasty to counterbalance the stereotype of scheming, greedy, and demonic castrati, Shih-shan Henry Tsai takes on another controversial subject of Ming History in Perceptual Happiness: The Ming Emperor Yongle.
No vampires, no leaden plotting, no brain-numbingly baroque prose, just deliciously overheated melodrama about hot-blooded castrati wreaking bi-sexy havoc in 18th-century Italy.
Thus, individual chapters consider the missing persons of Shakespearean theater: women, the indigenous Irish, Moors and Turks, even the castrati who were so popular elsewhere.
a sight, Mount Vesuvius, lemurs, lipstick, castrati, hula hoops,